Registration Benefits

The MRIA is designed to benefit all the participants in the research work chain: the public at large, agencies, and the buyers and users of research data. To help all these stakeholders benefit from improved research techniques, the MRIA has developed a Research Registration System for research work in Canada. The Registration System permits the public to verify a research call, inform themselves about the industry and/or register a complaint.

This Research Registration System enables any organization conducting research project in Canada to register the projects which comply with the Declaration of Principles.

Public Benefits:

  1. The public is able to validate legitimate research and make a distinction between research and telemarketing.
  2. A website and a toll free telephone number is available to the public for complaints or comments about calls received from researchers and those claiming to be researchers.
  3. Respondents have a system at their disposal to protest treatment received from researchers.
  4. The public's privacy is better protected under the Research Registration System.
  5. Respondents will not be called to be offered items, or other goods or services for sale.
  6. Unscrupulous telemarketers will be reduced in number, resulting in fewer annoyances to respondents.
  7. Eventually, the public will see price benefits as the practice of research projects becomes more cost-effective for agencies and their clients.

Research Buyer Benefits

  1. Research undertaken on behalf of buyers may be validated as legitimate market research or opinion projects.
  2. Respondents have a vehicle to handle inquiries or complaints about buyers' projects and will not have to turn to other more public vehicles (e.g. the media).
  3. The willingness of the general public to cooperate in research is enhanced keeping research contact costs in better check.
  4. Improved respondent cooperation rates increase the validity of research information through better project representativeness.
  5. Greater credibility for the research process among regulators and governmental institutions benefits buyers who require interaction and cooperation with governments.
  6. Buyers have a means to identify potential suppliers who have chosen to operate outside the system.

Research Agency Benefits

  1. The Research Registration System helps to forestall governmental actions that restrict the ability of research agencies to do business.
  2. The incidence of telemarketers posing as researchers is quantified to some degree.
  3. The research industry's credibility with the critical publics such as legislators, regulators, and the consumer at large is enhanced.
  4. The Research Registration System provides for lobbying to legally banning MUGGING.
  5. Agencies gain some aggregate data on the level of research activity in the industry.

To learn more general information about the Research Registration System please refer to the Q&A Page.