How to Register a Survey

MRIA launched a new Research Registration System (RRS) online application on November 13, 2012.

Information on how to use the New Online Research Registration System (RRS) application in the MRIA Portal

A. Functions available to firms registering their marketing research projects:

A1. How to login to the MRIA Portal and to the new RRS application

A2. Before you register your first project: how to use the Administrative Functions. (The Administrative Functions control the emails sent by the RRS application, your RRS password and the additional company names communicated by your firm to the public)

A3. How to register a new marketing research project

A4. How to view and modify an existing marketing research project and see the feedbacks received from the public about your projects and about your firm

A5. How to view a report on the projects registered by your firm and export it in Excel

B. Utilization of the Research Verification Service by the public:

Starting on November 13, 2012 the public will be able to go online to verify the legitimacy of a marketing research project that they have been invited to participate in, through a secure query capability linked on a real-time basis to the RRS database.

Firms registering their marketing research projects in the new RRS application now have three options to choose from so the public can verify the legitimacy of one of their projects, as well as submit any comment, complaint or question about a project:

B1. Posting online the unique URL created for a project

B2. Communicating to the public the MRIA Project Registration Number for a specific project (and NOT your internal project number) and one of the following URL to be used by the public to access the Research Verification Service: (English) (French)

B3. Asking them to call MRIA at: 1-888-602-6742, ext. 8728.
(service provided Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time)