Declaration of Princples

  1. Interviews are to be conducted in an environment of trust and goodwill and in recognition of every Respondent's right to privacy.
  2. Research will not be used to sell or develop leads for marketing purposes.
  3. Any statement or assurance given to a Respondent in order to elicit cooperation will be factually correct and honoured.
  4. Confidentiality of Respondent data will be maintained. Individual Respondents' personal data will not be provided to client or other third parties without the permission of the Respondent.
  5. Respondents will not be badgered or harassed to answer questions and no comments will be made by interviewers about any response.
  6. No audio recording of interviews will take place without having first informed the subject Respondent. No visual recording of interviews will take place without signed releases being obtained from the subject Respondent prior to the commencement of the interview.
  7. Overly long questionnaires or confusing or misleading questions will not be employed in the conduct of Research.
  8. Interviewers must carry time-dated company identification credentials. Immediately upon commencing a project, interviewers must identify themselves by their full names and the name of the Organization on whose behalf they are conducting the Research. Upon request, interviewers will provide the Respondent with the name, address and phone number of the head office of the Organization on whose behalf the interviewer is conducting the Research, as well as the MRIA research registration number and toll free telephone number.
  9. Members of the public should be advised of their right to complain to the CRTC where they have received unsolicited telecommunication for the purpose of sales or the purpose of developing leads for marketing.