Qualitative Research Registry

In accordance with federal privacy laws, Qualitative Research Registry was created to handle those who do not or should not be contacted when recruiting for qualitative studies.

This list is a comprehensive "do not call" list including those who participated in qualitative research, those who have asked not to be contacted further and those felt by recruiters and moderators to be best served by not being contacted. These respondents are marked as "do not call" in accordance with MRIA-QRD established guidelines.

All field and full-service companies are encouraged to submit a list of their qualitative respondents for entry into the system, including those who do not wish to be contacted. Participating firms receive monthly updates of respondents to be screened from qualitative recruitment samples. Qualitative Research Registry works effectively to increase the quality and integrity of the qualitative research process.

However, the ability of the system to function effectively is directly related to the cooperation exhibited by firms who provide recruitment services. If you are a full service research firm or field supplier who is currently participating in the Qualitative Research Registry program - thank you very much and keep up the good work!

If you are not currently participating, please consider getting involved. If you are interested in submitting to Qualitative Research Registry, please contact Erica Klie at (416) 642-9793 ext. 8727.

MRIA Rules of Conduct and Good Practice, Section C Qualitative Research, Qualitative Research Registry:

20. Where Qualitative Research Registry exists, recruiters should provide accurate data to these on a consistent basis and check all respondents against Qualitative Research Registry.

21. Moderators buying recruiting services should give primary consideration to recruiting agencies which submit to Qualitative Research Registry on a regular and ongoing basis, where such a service exists

To view companies that are submiting to the QRR click here.