The MRIA Research Buyer's Guide (RBG) is the only one of its kind in Canada, offering a comprehensive list of market research companies, and other business suppliers to the industry, all within one convenient online tool. RBG is a benefit for MRIA members only to list and advertise, and can be viewed by hundreds each month as a reliable and efficient source of supplier information. RBG is an online tool only, as the print version was discontinued in 2014.

What is the RBG?

RBG is a searchable online resource, allowing users to search MRIA corporate and individual members across Canada, who provide market research services, or are business providers to the industry. RBG enables research buyers to find research companies with the assurance that all companies listed have an MRIA member who abides by the MRIA Code of Ethics, or is a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) and may also be a Gold Seal Certified agency.

What are CMRP and Gold Seal agencies?

Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) have earned the right to use this designation based on substantial past experience and/or by passing the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam. Gold Seal Certified agencies ensure that clients receive the highest quality of research available. MRIA's in-house auditing process verifies that Gold Seal agency internal business practices are of the highest standard.

What is the MRIA RBG used for?

The Research Buyer's Guide (RBG) is an incredible opportunity for members to not only showcase the products and services of their organization, but differentiate themselves from other "so called" market research companies.

RBG is used by buyers of market research services, which include financial institutions, government, consumer goods companies, retailers, pharmaceutical firms and academic institutions. It can also be used to search for MRIA member companies, to locate staff and source business providers. RBG attracts market research professionals who are actively seeking assistance from outside vendors and provides them with the perfect resource in their search for research partners in Canada.

What types of companies are listed in RBG?

Market Research Suppliers and Market Research Business Providers  along with individuals who provide research services and companies that offer services to market research companies. From global providers to independent consultants, companies of all sizes and specializations advertise their expertise in the directory. The RBG includes 4 sections for Research Suppliers to list under, and 4 sections for Business Providers to list under. For a full list of service categories or sections, click here.

What quality assurance does MRIA offer me as a client?

All companies listed in the search for organizations have at least one MRIA member in their office, or a CMRP and may also be a Gold Seal Certified agency, and these accreditations are clearly indicated within the listings. All members abide by the ethical guidelines in the MRIA Code of Conduct revised in January 2015, to more closely reflect the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research. In a case where an individual member has been found to breach the MRIA Code of Ethics, the possible sanctions range from a private warning to expulsion from MRIA membership, and publication of the sanction imposed will be communicated to all members, appear on MRIA's website and within Pulse Newsletter.

Is the RBG an exclusive member benefit?

Yes. To become a member, create your profile and purchase your membership at the MRIA Portal. To be included in RBG, you must then purchase a directory listing, as this is not part of your membership fee.

What if I am listing for the very first time?

First you become an MRIA member and then select the section(s) you wish your services to appear under. 

How do banner ads work?

A banner ad allows for your company directory listing to always appear above the competition at the top of search results, within a selection of 8 sections. Your company can be listed either at the top of the search page, or on the results page.

What if my company is renewing the 2016 listing?

As a result of changes to the RBG system in 2016 where additional customization options were added, all previous RBG listing content must be reentered into the system. 

All new and renewed listings get an expiry date of December 31, 2017.

When is the RBG renewal deadline?

December, 31 2016 and non-renewed listings will no longer show up in searches or online, as of January 1, 2017.

How do I know I have completed the online purchase and that
my listing is being processed?

Once you have completed the listing steps online, and complete the submit screen information, you will receive an invoice (PDF copy). You need to provide payment details on the PDF and email it to eklie@mria-arim.ca. Once your payment is processed, the listing will show up in the search. You can edit your listing as often as you wish, however it will not appear in the database until payment is made.

How else will you help me promote my company or find service providers?

MRIA manages a comprehensive communications plan, reaching over 3,000 market research professionals through our website, dedicated emails, Pulse Newsletter, live at events and through social media. We also organize over 30 events per year through our seven chapters, including our annual national conference.

RBG is featured throughout the MRIA communications plan.

How do I Find Marketing Research Companies?

First go to the RBG Search page – then choose one of the 8 categories in the drop down menu – or select by city, company name, contact name, research specialization, or business specialization. The more criteria you enter, the closer your results will be to meeting your requirements.

Can I list in French?

While the RBG database templates are all in English, companies can write their descriptions in French, and it would show up if someone searched for French words and phrases.