2017 Banner advertisements

There are 8 sections in total at the affordable prices offered last year! That's right – no price increases for either listings or banner ads in 2017!

Banner ads help draw attention to your brand when buyers visit RBG and start searching for suppliers. Your company can change banner content each month at no additional charge. This way, your advertisements can be customized to fit campaigns, and special offers you create.

Searches can be done by general section, company name, location, business specialization, key words, and contacts. Banner Ads can be displayed on the RBG search screen as well as the result screens, but do not appear on the listings themselves. Within the listings, you may include your logo, Gold Seal, links to videos and social media, and more!

There are a total of 4 banner ad spots available on the General Search and Result Screens, and two within each of the 8 sections of RBG. Annual pricing is shown below and please contact us at info@mria-arim.ca if you wish to discuss a multi-section banner ad purchase.

Please note that ad purchases are assigned on a first come, first served basis when ordering -- so act now for best placement and to avoid disappointment!

2017 Pricing

Ad Placement* Price per Month Size (W x H)
General Search - the starting page for all searches
Search Screen $2,000/year 675 pixels x 80 pixels
Search Result Screen $2,000/year 675 pixels x 80 pixels
All Categories and Headings* Search & Result Screen
Annual Advertising $1,500/12 months 675 pixels x 80 pixels
Semi-annual $750/6 months 675 pixels x 80 pixels
Monthly $150/monthly 675 pixels x 80 pixels

How to order

Banners can be ordered throughout the year and are based on availability. Once you have made your selections, contact our office at  info@mria-arim.ca.

A banner ad has the following specifications:

  • Dimensions: 675 pixels W x 80 pixels H
  • File format: JPG, PNG, GIF. Flash is not supported

Sample Advertisement - 675px x 80px

* Subject to availability; some restrictions apply.