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Insightrix Research Inc. was founded in October of 2001 by Corrin Harper, MBA, and Larry Goodfellow, MBA. Corrin and Larry saw a growing need for market research-related services, particularly those offered via the Internet and established the company. Their goal was to provide top-quality research services that combined the science of research with the art of insight.

In 2002, Insightrix began multimode (telephone and online) surveying. As one of the first companies in Western Canada to offer this methodology, we quickly established ourselves as pioneers in our industry.

A few years later, we opened a satellite office in Horsham, Australia. Avril Hogan, Director of Australia Operations, set up the office in 2005 and has been steadily building the business ever since.

We became a registered supplier with Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (now Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education) in 2007, which enabled Insightrix to offer its services in a new market.

In 2007, Insightrix expanded its data collection capabilities in Australia, opening a 12-seat call centre in Horsham, Australia. The call centre collects data for our Australian clients and employs more than 25 staff.

Building upon our experience and success with online surveying, we developed SaskWatch Research™ in 2008. SaskWatch Research™, wholly owned by Insightrix, is the largest online panel of Saskatchewan residents and gives members the opportunity to complete surveys and influence political, social, and consumer decision-makers.

In 2008, Insightrix obtained the Gold Seal from the Market Research Intelligence Association (MRIA), a Canadian not-for-profit association representing the market intelligence and survey research industry. Gold Seal Certification assures clients that Insightrix collects quality data for all projects and follows standard industry research processes.

In the following year, Public Works and Government Services Canada awarded Insightrix a Standing Offer for the provision of public opinion research. This designation means that Insightrix is eligible to win government contracts to provide public opinion research projects in both the telephone and online streams. Visit to learn more.

Insightrix steadily continued to grow, and in 2010, we increased our staff by 40% and moved to a new location, where we were able to expand our call centre to 30 seats and 75 staff. Soon after moving, we began to work on our professional focus group facilities, which we opened in 2011.

Our new location and capabilities allowed us to expand our service offerings, and in 2012, we set up a Creative Services department. Creative Services is dedicated to presenting research findings in innovative and interesting ways, including infographics, videos, and microsites.

Our love for innovation and desire to be at the forefront of technology led to the creation of Wagatale Communications. Wagatale is a subsidiary of Insightrix and develops marketing and market research software, offering creative IT solutions tailored to individual business’s specifications.

In the past year, we have developed proprietary market research software that allows us to create custom online community panels. We are also pursuing several emerging technologies, including online survey gamification and online advertising concept testing (including facial expression analysis software and eye tracking).

At Insightrix, we firmly believe in actively participating in our industry association. In 2014, Insightrix was the proud host of the national MRIA conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which was the first time that the conference was held in the province. The annual three-day national conference is an opportunity for buyers and suppliers to learn more about up-and-coming market research methodologies and techniques.

We’re extremely proud of our company’s progress and we’re even more excited about our future. Stay tuned for updates!

Key Contacts

Corrin Harper, President

Lang McGilp, Senior Research Executive