MAY 22, 2019

MRIA Statement Regarding Recent Environics Research Poll


Toronto – May 22 2019 - It has come to our attention that a spokesperson for Ontario Health Minister has indirectly attacked a poll conducted by Environics Research commissioned by CUPE local 79. This commentary on the poll findings is like attacking the messenger because one does not agree with the message. In a fundraising email to PC members, Premier Doug Ford has called the poll “fake news”. The MRIA condemns these partisan comments.

Professionals in the Canadian polling industry value the trust the public places in them and work hard to protect it. This partisan attack on Environics Research is strongly condemned by the MRIA.

The statement - "the accuracy of any poll paid for by CUPE, a union that has publicly announced its political bias against our government, should be seriously questioned and discounted," implies that there is a conflict of interest, where there is no evidence to support the statement. Comments like these are not in the best interest of researchers, the government and the public at large. International and Canadian polling standards require the disclosure of all conflict of interest; thus, political opposition of CUPE to the government policies should not be projected onto the pollster.

The Environics survey as presented was conducted adhering to scientific principles and reported accordingly. Anyone disagreeing with the result can commission another independent survey, compare the results and conditions under which the studies were conducted. Public opinion researchers are highly skilled and trained professionals, whose work should not be dismissed arbitrarily.

Governments, political parties, companies, non-profit organizations and the public rely on market researchers to collect and report market and public opinion because of their integrity, independence, and the transparency of the process. Moreover, the autonomy of the researcher to conduct an unbiased study and present an impartial report should be judged on its merit.

Reasons why organizations rely on pollsters to collect and report public opinions include: the integrity of the pollsters, the transparency of the process, and the independence of the researcher to conduct an unbiased study and present a transparent and impartial report.

The MRIA strives to foster a greater level of trust between the citizens and public opinion researchers. Polls and surveys help guide public policy decisions. Undermining any pollster or individual researcher in this way does not serve the public interest and reduces public trust in the research industry. The important work conducted by pollsters remains an important part of a functioning political process and a well-informed electorate.

The MRIA stands behind the work of Environics Research, a professional market and public opinion firm that follows all national and international standards for disclosure, transparency and professionalism. We call on all public policy leaders to recognize the value of quality research, even when it conflicts with partisan views.




Lee Robinson
Executive Director
1-855-561-4286 ext 8724.

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May 03, 2019

Update from the NEW MRIA Executive director Lee Robinson.

I want to thank the Canadian insights community for the overwhelming support over the past few weeks. The MRIA is back in full operation with a new board of directors and a new path. They are now working hard to build a community of insights professionals and to create member value for those who have joined and those looking to do so.
Here are several of the items we have worked on in the past few weeks.
  • The MRIA has a permanent Board of Directors  
  • Committees have been created to involve members in key initiatives
  • The MRIA has retained the firm Counsel PA, one of Canada’s leading public affairs agencies, specializing in government relations, strategic communications, and integrated campaigns.
  • A direct email channel has been made to speak with the Executive Director and to have your comments and questions addressed and directed to the Board.
  • Affinity and member value program is in development, and we will update you as we progress. We are working to bring you value for your membership.
  • The MRIA Gold Seal Certification program is open to all corporate Agency members.
A core mandate will be to provide member value and to ensure that all members regardless of level will have a clear benefit from membership.
The MRIA will represent all firms and the voices of all firms will be heard.
Our industry is changing, and what it means to be part of an association is changing, the challenges will be immense, that’s why a new board will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective, we want you to take part. Here are a couple of ways that you can:
1.      The new Board will be accepting volunteers to assist on six key areas while it develops a new strategic vision. Members are invited to play a role on each of the following committees. There are exciting developments within. If you would like to know more, and find out how you can take part, please reach out to me directly.
a.   Affinity program/Member value
b.   Events
c.   Certification and Education
d.   Financial/Membership
e.   Standards
f.    Communications
2.      Send me your overall thoughts; how can we help your firm grow and succeed? What can the MRIA do to help individual insights professionals?
The next few months will be one of inclusive learning, creating and implementing, but it all starts with member involvement. The energy to build something special is here; it is up to us to make it happen.
Remember to register for membership before the membership drive June 1st 2019 deadline to secure the Membership discount and to secure your Corporate, Gold Seal designations and CMRP certifications. Sign up and have your say, today!
Lee Robinson
Executive Director
1-855-561-4286 ext 8724.


November 23, 2016

MRIA a letter to the CRTC Secretary General - CRTC Policy 2016-442

The CRTC is taking a number of steps to address complaints it is receiving in response to robocalls and caller ID spoofing.

On November 7, the Commission published CRTC Policy 2016-442, which looked at the services available for Canadians to reduce the number of unsolicited and illegitimate calls they receive.  A key finding by the Commission was that an insufficient number of options are available to consumers.  The CRTC estimates that 45% of the complaints they receive through the Do-Not-Call registry involved an element of illegitimate caller ID spoofing.  As a result, the CRTC has asked telephone service providers to report back with call blocking and screening proposals.

On November 24, MRIA sent a letter to the CRTC Secretary General, outlining its position regarding Policy 2016-442. In this letter, we emphasize the need to ensure that legitimate market and survey research calls continue to reach Canadians unimpeded. We also propose that telephone service providers could access the Registration System to assist them in differentiating legitimate calls (i.e., researchers) from illegitimate ones.

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October 17, 2016

MRIA - CAPOR Merger Announcement

On June 11, 2015, the Canadian Association for Public Opinion Research (CAPOR) was announced with the goal of bringing greater professionalism, transparency and accountability to those who practice public opinion and issue polling in Canada. CAPOR brought together a unique coalition of pollsters, journalists, and academics who all share a desire to ensure that polls released into the public domain are conducted and reported in a transparent and responsible way. Over the past sixteen months, the MRIA has worked diligently to address the concerns of this important stakeholder group.

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JUNE 2, 2016


MRIA is proud to have handed out a number of awards for Excellence in Research at this years' National Conference in Montreal, recognizing the very best our industry has to offer. You may find a list of Excellence Awards winners, here. As well as the winners of the Joseph Doyle Awardand Jack F. Graydon Award

JUNE 1, 2016


The MRIA app is here, and can now be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. Join/renew your membership, keep up to date on the latest news, communications and events from MRIA. Check out the exclusive conference features, including a list of all the speaker sessions and create your own personal schedule!

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APRIL 1, 2016


On April 1, 2016, the MRIA Board of Directors approved an update to the polling section of the MRIA Code of Conduct. The new polling Standards are an adaptation of ESOMAR/WAPOR Guidelines and AAPOR Guidelines, and also include the careful consideration of consultation with Canadian pollsters, papers and news articles on polling, as well as CRTC regulations and the Canada Elections Act. The new polling Standards may be found here, and a quick reference guide can be found here

MARCH 24, 2016


On March 21, 2016, the CRTC released a long-awaited Decision relating, in part, to the use of incentives.

The Decision (Compliance and Enforcement Decision CRTC 2016-107) is a partial win for the survey research industry in that the Commission officially recognized that incentives are a legitimate practice in research.  It also states that they are permissible as long as the sole purpose is to incent participation in a specific survey. 

OCTOBER 29, 2015


MRIA sent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a letter today encouraging him to reinstate the long mandatory form questionnaire in time for the 2016 national Census.

MRIA took the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Trudeau on being elected Canada's 23rd Prime Minister.  It also reminded him of his electoral promise to 'immediately restore the long-form census'.  While the new Liberal Government has made its intentions clear regarding the need for accurate and reliable data through the census, it has not yet provided details about how and when the long-form will be reinstated.  MRIA's letter offers support and encouragement to the new government to act quickly to adopt the necessary measures in time for the 2016 Census, please click here to review the letter in full.