Ottawa Chapter Events

While much of the work conducted by MRIA members is related to consumer products and services, the Ottawa Chapter has a long tradition of conducting public opinion and market research specifically related to public affairs, policy and politics.

This fall, we are hosting a half-day event to share findings, insights and thoughts on one of most significant emerging technologies on the horizon. Autonomous vehicles are rapidly moving from science fiction to reality – and the opportunities ramifications are incredibly wide-ranging.

There is economic and technological opportunity. With a large proportion of the workforce involved in transportation, there are employment considerations. Canadian consumers have interests and desires, but they also have questions and concerns. Lawmakers, regulators and urban planners may need to adjust to new forms and patterns of behaviour, as well as evolving infrastructure needs.

With presentations by Ipsos and CAA, as well a keynote address by John Ellis – one of North America’s leading experts on connected cars and Ford Motor Company’s former Global Technologist and Head of the Ford Developer Program – the morning promises to be interesting, enlightening and thought-provoking.

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