In.sight 2017: MRIA Emerging Leaders Task Force & Toronto Chapter Event: Call for Storytellers

Imagine the thrill of standing in front of an audience and telling a story about your experiences, or the pride of sharing a situation from your life or work to inspire others. Imagine seizing an opportunity to market your skills and services, and make new connections. No matter what it may be, storytelling brings us all together.

Celebrating its second year in Toronto, In.sight is a storyteller series like no other. No matter what your level of experience – whether you are a student of market research, just starting your career, or have been in the industry for years – we want to hear your tale.

Maybe you took a chance and succeeded, maybe you overcame a tough situation in your career or studies, maybe you aced a job interview, maybe you did something so crazy that even you weren’t sure it would work...until it did.

In.sight - Inspiring through Storytelling is an informal speaker series that will take place on July 19th in Toronto, presented by the Emerging Leaders Task Force and the Toronto Chapter of the MRIA. In.sight will take place in an informal pub setting in downtown Toronto with a limited number of seats. We are now accepting speaker submissions and would love to hear your story and help you share it.

Send us a brief (max. of 400 words) summary of a story you want to tell, and include your name, title (e.g. student, analyst, director, etc.), and how many years you’ve spent in the industry. While we like all kinds of stories, this event is geared to the market research industry and as such, so your story should relate to it. Be creative, dramatic, funny, and imaginative. Here’s what you would want to keep in mind:

•No research project findings or confidential research data. No slides necessary!

•Masked identities of clients, colleagues, projects etc., where applicable.

•Some fiction or exaggeration is acceptable

•Stories can be on a variety of topics relating to the field and study of market research

•An In.sight committee member will be available to assist you with refining your unique story

•Your story should be between 10-12 minutes long

Read about last year’s event on the Emerging Leaders Blog here.


Here are some reasons why you should consider being part of this event:

If you are a student or new to the marketing/market research industry:

•Promote your storytelling skills and make an impression among colleagues and prospective employers
•Practice your skills and get feedback from more experienced members in an informal setting

If you are an experienced marketer or market researcher:

•Promote storytelling as a valuable skill
•Give back to the research community by providing our next generation of researchers with valuable feedback

Deadline for submissions is May 26th, 2017.  For submissions and/or questions, please email Dan Jackson at

Your tale is just beginning...


The ELTF and the Toronto Chapter of the MRIA