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future proof: insights in a data-driven world

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Future Proof: Insights in a Data-Driven World, hosted by the MRIA Toronto Chapter at MaRS Discovery District on Thursday, February 8th was a smashing success! With over 100 attendees, the event provided a myriad of networking opportunities, as well as providing a platform for some extraordinarily insightful speeches regarding thought leadership and how insights are currently being leveraged to drive value across the speakers' organizations.

The speakers represented a diverse array of leading-edge professionals, covering two distinct groups of enterprises who provided their unique take on the current and future state of insights in their respective organizations. To view photographs from the event, click here!

MRIA President’s Tour Fall 2008

MRIA – National Do Not Call Legislation (DNCL): Preparation and Impact – What You Need to Know about DNCL and its effect on Market Research in Canada

  • PowerPoint Presentation [English], [Français]

MRIA 15th Annual Golf Tournament

Thursday, Sept 29th, 2011
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15th Annual Golf Tournament

  • Location: Piper’s Heath Golf Club
    5501 Trafalgar Rd. Hornby (Milton)
    (905) 864-1025

  • Date: Thursday, Sept 29th, 2011

This year’s course is Piper’s Heath Golf Course, voted one of Canada’s best new courses.

There will be prizes for the best score, longest drive, and closest to the pin. Following your round there will be a full sit down dinner and a few activities to keep you occupied.

So here is your chance to get together with your research colleagues and clients, for a fun-filled afternoon of scramble golf followed by a great dinner!

Space is limited, so sign up soon!!!

Photos of the MRIA 2011 Golf Tournament


Insights into key consumer trends in China and the implications on market research

In her presentation on Monday, September 29th, 2008, Priscilla Sze, Managing Director of N-Dynamic Market Research, outlined how China, with its sheer size and fast developing economy, represents huge opportunities for companies in China and from overseas. However, it is important to have deep local insights about the fast-changing consumer trends in order to successfully market your products and services in China. To download your copy of Priscilla's presentation, please click here. [PDF format]

The Future is Now: Flash Technology in Online Research

In their presentation, given at the most recent Toronto Chapter Speaker Event on Thursday, March 27, 2008, Rasheeda Qureshi and Cathy Ireland of Research Now discussed a case study undertaken by Research Now's Global R&D team to understand the impact of flash tools in internet research. To download your copy of their presentation, please click here. [PDF format]

Advancing the Science of Decision-makingTM: Translating online consumer-published content into reliable intelligence and analysis

Thank you Toronto MRIA Chapter members for attending the speaker - Ryan Ghaeli's discussion on "Advancing the Science of Decision Making" on May 29, 2007.  There was a great deal of interest in having the presentation posted.  To download your copy, please click here. [PowerPoint format]

Helping clients capture the value of research: The role of marketing and sales in their business

In his presentation, Dr. Ajay Sirsi, Ph.D., discussed how marketing plans get implemented by the marketing function, the sales function and other functions as well.

Dr. Sirsi's presentation is available for viewing by clicking here [PDF format].

Repositioning Italian Food - How triangulated methods were used to develop a new image for Barilla

In his presentation, guest speaker Hy Mariampolski, Ph. D. focused on how innovative research developed concepts that revived the Barilla image and led to new items on the shelf.

Dr. Mariampolski's presentation is available for viewing by clicking here [PDF format].

Research in the Drivers Seat: The Role of Market Research in Building Marketing Dashboards

In his presentation, special Guest Speaker Alan C. Middleton, PhD. , outlined the progress that has been made in building marketing dashboards, how marketing dashboards are used to understand marketing effectiveness and ROI, as well as the critical role market researchers must play in the development marketing dashboards.

Dr. Middleton's presentation is available for viewing by clicking here [PDF format].

Building Consultative Skills Through Applied Creativity

At the most recent Toronto Chapter Speaker Event on Thursday, September 15, 2005, Dr. Min Basadur of Procter & Gamble talked about how leaders in the field of marketing research have suggested that if the industry is to survive moving forward, we need to become more consultative with our external or internal clients.

To become true consultants and more valuable partners with our clients, we must help them discover and articulate the fundamental challenges they face as the first step in the design process. Only then can we be sure to create on-target solutions with buy-in for successful implementation.

Dr. Min Basadur's presentation is available for viewing by clicking here [PDF format].

2005 MRIA Wallyball Championship

"Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision." - Muhammad Ali

Emotions ran high during the gruelling competition on the courts where five top notch teams competed for the coveted title of MRIA Wallyball Champions 2005! Many thanks to all who participated in the 15th Annual MRIA Wallyball Tournament on Tuesday, February 22.

Congratulations to our Winners:

First Place - Key Drivers (Ipsos-Reid)
Adam Joon, Kristen Lester, Dan Marcotte and Janne Olsen

Second Place - Net Results (Ipsos-Reid)
Tyler Coultis, Jamie Duncan, Susie Looker and Sarah Partridge

Most Valuable Player, Male
Jamie Duncan, Net Results (Ipsos-Reid)

Most Valuable Player, Female
Sarah Partridge, Net Results (Ipsos-Reid)

Congratulations also goes out to Susie Looker of Ipsos-Reid who won the prize draw for a $100 Future Shop Gift Certificate.

Many thanks to Chris Commins for his continuing contribution to MRIA and the sport of Wallyball!

January 2005 Dinner Meeting : Managing and Valuing Brand Equity

On Wednesday January 26th, 2005, Jonathan Knowles of Brand Finance Canada, a passionate advocate of the importance of brands in creating both customer value and shareholder value, spoke about Managing and Valuing Brand Equity. Toronto Chapter Members learned about brand valuation, as Jonathan situated brands in their financial context, reviewed the leading methodologies for measuring brand equity from a customer perspective and valued brand equity from a financial perspective. He concluded with a commentary on the valuation of the leading brands in the Canadian market.

His presentation is now available for downloading in PDF format, by clicking here.

October Dinner Meeting: How Are Today's Youth Impacted By Their Parents?

Our October 27, 2004 Dinner Meeting was a great succees. Ian Pierpoint's presentation, entitled "How Are Today's Youth Impacted By Their Parents? - Youth and Parenting" was well received by Toronto Chapter members, who learned that the single biggest influence on young people isn't their friends, or even media, it's their parents. From attitudes to education to the brands they buy, parents shape many of the values and aspirations of North American youth.

Ian Pierpoint shared with us the findings of Synovate YC's study on youth culture. The study, employed lifestyle immersions in Canada, the US and the UK and over 5,000 interviews with parents and young people (aged 13-30) in July-August 2004. In his presentation, Ian identified and discussed:

  • The adult identity crisis
  • 4 key factors influencing parenting style
  • The emergence of the "best friend parent"
  • Why young people are staying at home longer
  • 5 key motivations for parental spending and their relative importance
  • How to leverage these insights to drive successful brand strategies, creative development, innovations and promotions

Ian has 15 years of research, planning and marketing experience, the last eight of which he has specialized in youth culture. For the past four years Ian ran Europe's leading youth research agency, Vegas, based in London UK. Following Vegas' acquisition by Synovate, Ian moved to North America to build a US and Canadian youth agency.

Ian Pierpoint, Senior Vice President Youth strategy, insight and ideas from Synovate, can be reached at

Innovation Research - What's the Big Idea?

On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004, Robert Barnard, a founder and partner of D~Code, talked about Innovation, the hot topic in marketing these days, and how market research fits into the quest for the big idea?

Robert Barnard, a founder and partner of D~Code, has almost a decade of experience helping companies innovate, and he explored the following questions about innovation research:

  • What are the key success factors for innovation?
  • How can companies get stakeholders, both internal and external, more involved in innovation?
  • What new research methodologies can be used in the innovation process?
  • What can be learned from innovating for the youth and young adult markets?

His Presentation is available for downloading in PDF format by clicking here.

Was $3,237,600 For 30 Seconds Really Worth It?

On Wednesday, March 24, 2004, Donald Bruzzone, President of Bruzzone Research of Alemeda, California, walked us through the winners and losers of the 2004 Super Bowl advertising extravaganza and see who got the best bang for the buck and who wasted over $3 million (CDN) for one 30 second spot.

What types of commercials on the 2004 Super Bowl succeeded in reaching and affecting the most people? What types reached and affected the fewest? Was the difference between the best and worst as big as in previous Super Bowls? What types of people were reached? These and many other questions were answered using detailed recognition-based post testing conducted after the game, in the same manner all Super Bowl commercials have been post tested for the past 12 years.

QRD and Toronto Chapter held another successful QRD-Day

QRD and Toronto Chapter held another successful QRD-Day this year at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville. There were 115 participants and keynote speaker Chris Barnham from the UK certainly excited the audience with his mantra that Branding is all about Qualitative Research and the best way to do branding research. There were many workshops that were all well attended and interactive.

2004 Wallyball Championship

"When you're playing for the national championship, it's not a matter of life or death. It's more important than that." - Duffy Daugherty

Many thanks to all who participated in the 14th Annual MRIA Wallyball Tournament on
Wednesday, February 11!

Emotions ran high during the gruelling competition on the courts where seven top notch teams competed for the coveted title of MRIA Wallyball Champions 2004!

Chris Commins of Commins Wingrove was presented with an Official MRIA Wallyball pen as thanks for his continuing contribution to MRIA and the sport of Wallyball.

Congratulations to our Winners:

First Place
The K Team (Kubas Consultants)
Aggy Apostolopoulos, Adrienne Goddard, Melanie Goddard, Nick Moutafis (Captain)

Second Place
The Smashers (Ipsos-Reid)
Tyler Coultis (Captain), Kristen Lester, Dan Marcotte, Janne Olsen

Most Valuable Player, Male
Nick Moutafis, The K Team (Kubas Consultants)

Most Valuable Player, Female
Janne Olsen, The Smashers (Ipsos-Reid)

Most Sportsmanlike
Tyler Coultis, The Smashers (Ipsos-Reid)

Congratulations also goes out to Kerry Owen of Commins Wingrove who won the prize draw for a $100 Future Shop Gift Certificate.

Demographic and Economic Trends and Issues

On January 21, 2004, Tom McCormack, who has thirty years of experience in economic and demographic forecasting, answered questions like, "In ten years, how many Canadians will be between the ages of 18 and 24?" His Presentation is available in PDF format by clicking here.

A Holistic View of The Youth Demographic

September 24th 2003 marked our first speaker session of the season. Youthography spoke to the membership about youth trends and tips on doing research among today's youth. Attendance topped 100 people and the session was a resounding success. To download a copy of Youthography's presentation click here.