Research Agency Council (RAC)

What is our purpose?

The Research Agency Council (RAC) considers issues specific to the operation of MRIA's corporate research agencies. In particular, RAC:

  • Formulates and recommends policy and actions connected to the operation of research agencies in Canada (e.g. response rates)
  • Provides research agencies with a voice on the MRIA board
    Oversees the Research Registration System and sets annual volume discounts for member firms to economically register their surveys (a requirement of corporate membership)
  • Oversees the Gold Seal certification process to verify that those designated with the Gold Seal continue to uphold the quality standards assigned to this designation
  • Oversees the financial health of the industry through monthly revenue reporting and an annual survey of all member agencies in Canada on business trends, salary levels, etc.

Council members meet approximately monthly to discuss issues raised by our member firms. A quorum of seven (7) Directors is needed for any decisions requiring a vote and board members are encouraged to join by teleconference or vote by proxy.

Kudos to our Corporate Research Agency members

We wish to recognize all Corporate Research Agency Members as full supporters of the highest Marketing, Opinion and Social Research quality standards set forth by this organization, thus helping maintain the strength of the industry. Any company which is operating as a business in Canada and which derives at least 75% of its revenue from the provision of marketing and survey research or business intelligence services to other companies or organizations can apply to become a Corporate Research Agency member.

(click here for more information on MRIA Corporate membership types)

Corporate Research Agency - Gold Seal Agencies members have successfully completed a stringent, third-party-reviewed, certification process. These Agencies undergo this process every three years after initial certification. (click here for more information on MRIA Gold Seal Certification process). Gold Seal Certification is one of MRIA's primary mechanisms for achieving its Strategic Objective of developing and delivering world-class professional standards and ensuring member compliance.

Corporate Research Agencies – Gold Seal Applicants members are Corporate Research Agencies – Basic members who have applied to undergo the next Gold Seal Certification process.

Corporate Research Agency – Basic members have also pledged their commitment to high research quality standards. They are either not required (smaller company size) or not yet eligible (time in operation in Canada) to undergo the Gold Seal certification process.

Who are we?

There can be up to 12 directors sitting on the Research Agency Council (RAC) with elections held at least annually. Members in good standing within corporate agency member firms are eligible to participate on the council and typically sit for a term of 1 or 2 years. RAC directors represent a wide range of companies across Canada with participation encouraged from member firms from all regions and disciplines (full service, qualitative and business intelligence service organizations).

How are RAC Directors selected?

When there is an opening on the Research Agency Council, the designated Voting Representatives of Corporate Research Agency members of the Association receive a Call for Nominations to distribute to the principals and employees of their firms. If there are more nominations than openings available on the Board, an electronic ballot election process is put into place. Members-in-good-standing who are the designated Voting Representatives of Corporate Research Agency members of MRIA are the electors in an election for RAC Directors.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dominic Atkinson, at