Qualitative Research Registry Fees

Annual Qualitative Research Registry (QRR) Fees:

The Qualitative Research Registry (QRR) was developed in accordance with federal privacy laws, to assist our industry in handling those who should not be contacted when recruiting for qualitative research studies. The QRR allows our industry to address some serious underlying issues in ensuring and maintaining the quality and reliability of qualitative research in Canada. For more information on MRIA's Qualitative Research Registry (QRR), click here.

  • In order to better ensure participation of all those who directly recruit respondents for any qualitative research and to help make the collection of fees more efficient, MRIA is moving in 2012 towards a new system of annual QRR fees. By collecting QRR fees annually, along with MRIA membership fees, we will streamline the process of collection for all those submitting -- avoiding additional administrative time and costs.
  • We are currently working to improve the efficiency of the QRR system and to develop a new more efficient online application for submissions and checking of potential respondents. We hope to develop an automated user-friendly system in the near future that will greatly improve efficiency and efficacy for all.
  • All Corporate members of MRIA who directly recruit respondents for qualitative research projects of any type (including all methodologies) are strongly encouraged to ensure that all their consumer respondents are registered with MRIA's Qualitative Research Registry (QRR).
  • All consumer recruits must be submitted, regardless of method of contact or target audience, unless specifically requested otherwise by parties to the research. Where respondents are recruited from client-supplied lists, the expectation is that all names will be submitted to QRR, unless specifically requested otherwise by parties to the research.
  • There is an expectation that, increasingly, clients will require submission of respondent names to QRR for all consumer studies -- and that the fees for submitting respondent names can or will be identified on client invoices.
  • As a guideline, when more than one Research Agency is involved in recruitment of respondents for a given research project, each organization is to submit the names of those they have directly recruited to QRR.

Include the respondents recruited by your Canadian operation only, for Canadian respondents only.

If you wish to participate to the QRR please contact Erica Klie at (905)602-6854 ext. 8727.