Qualitative Research Council (QRC)

2018 qualitative research CONFERENCE—exploration and leadership

The MRIA is proud to present our annual Qualitative Research Conference (QRC) taking place on September 27-28, 2018 at the Hotel Novotel Toronto Centre in Downtown Toronto. The theme of this event is "Exploration and Leadership", and this conference will showcase exactly that!

Please join us at QRC 2018 for an insightful, in-depth look at how exploration and leadership combine to further the qualitative research industry!

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2017 mria-qrca canadian qualitative conference      

a qualitative lens on a data-driven world

The MRIA is proud to present our annual Qualitative Research Conference (QRC) taking place on November 2-3, 2017 in Toronto. The theme of this event is "A qualitative lens on a data-driven world", and this conference will provide exactly that!

Qualitative research is experiencing a strong resurgence, and we can thank big data! With more and more stats available to marketers, they are turning to qualitative research to provide insights that turn their information into action and profitable direction. Moreover, qual-quant techniques continue to combine the best of both worlds with innovative uses of technology, while neuroscience research provides evidence-based platforms on which marketers can rely.

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2016 QR Conference: Exchange, Engage, and Enjoy!

Following on the heels of our success last March, QRC & QRCA Canada are joining forces in 2016, to organize another great Conference that will provide attendees opportunities to exchange ideas about engaging topics while enjoying some of our best speakers.  The experience would not be complete without the camaraderie we share in comfortable, social settings once the work is done! Exact dates for this exciting event will be confirmed by early August and we are aiming for a half-day session of workshops on Thursday, January 28, followed by a full day of speakers on Friday, January 29, 2016.

This is our preliminary Call for Speakers. There will be a focus on International Research this year – including how to promote oneself internationally; caveats to international research; best methods, practices, and cultural intelligence when researching abroad. 

We aim to cover topics of interest to our diverse groups of QR members (field, clients, and researchers) so that we exchange, engage and enjoy qualitative research globally.

Click here to view the complete Call for Speakers – note that the deadline to respond is September 1, 2015.

I3 QRC 2015: 'The Write Stuff' Client-Side Panel

This was a session on qualitative report style and format, moderated by David Kwechansky at the 2015 QRC Conference, i3. Report excerpts were sourced globally and critiqued by a panel of senior clients for improvements to better serve the information needs of end users. Conducted by David Kwechansky (Perception Research Inc) with panelists Debbie Davis (Shoppers Drug Mart), Susan Innes (BMO Financial Group), Nichola Forsyth (Coca-Cola), Greg Ambrose (Tim Hortons).

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Advocacy: Qualitative Standards for Government Research

November 28, 2014

As part of the MRIA's advocacy initiative, Julie Sylvestre, Chair of the Qualitative Research Council, responded to the Government of Canada's Public Opinion Research Directorate who had released a Qualitative Standards Document for Government Research. One of the main aspects of the Government's Qualitative Standards Document is that it requires all focus group respondents to be recruited by companies that are registered with the MRIA's Qualitative Research Registry (QRR).

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Qualitative Research
Registry Launched

MRIA and its Qualitative Research Council (QRC) launched the Qualitative Research Registry (QRR), or Registre de la recherche qualitative (RRQ) in French, as a new and improved successor to Qualitative Central.

Tracking qualitative research study participants is a vitally important Standards-based self-regulatory initiative for our industry, and the time was ripe to revamp and rebrand Qualitative Central into something new that will deliver better service to members.

By way of historical recap: in 2004 -- with Canada's federal privacy legislation, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) coming into full force -- the QRD Division of PMRS realized that it was time to re-look at the old "Central Files" system that had been in place for many years. Central Files and Qualitative Central were designed to assist those who recruited for qualitative market research by registering respondents and thereby helping to ensure that the then-PMRS standards for participation in qualitative research were upheld.

Respondents are only allowed to participate once in a six month period, five times in total, and never more than once on the same topic.

We have all heard "horror stories" of respondents who "cheat and repeat"; and we recognize that it is important in our industry that a reliable and well-used registry is in force. Cheaters and repeaters reflect poorly on our industry and have more than once been the subject of a disparaging article about our industry.

While unscrupulous recruiters are occasionally the issue and should be avoided by all moderators, the main source of the problem seems to be respondents who register with several recruiters and deny previous participation. We see them at our facilities and do our best to dismiss them and then ensure they don't show up in the future.

Only with a strong "registry" system will we be able to really take control of this problem and improve our reputation as a credible part of the industry.

With MRIA's launch of the Charter of Respondent Rights, respondents are guaranteed to be treated well and with the respect they deserve. In return, we as an industry must do our part to make sure that those few who try to cheat are "weeded out".

Some of the country's leading recruiters (most notably Alana Richman, Gini Smith and Dawn Smith) have worked hard along with the MRIA staff to get the new Qualitative Research Registry underway. These recruiters have outlined the elements of the new system that will provide us, as an industry, with the information we need and the ability to track respondent participation.

Administrative responsibility for QRR has been assumed by the MRIA staff. This will help ensure the delivery of consistent, quality service and support to QRR participants - through a central staff contact in the MRIA office - as compared to operating the system through an outside supplier or member of the industry.

MRIA and QRC are committed to ensuring that the Qualitative Research Registry becomes an increasingly recognized, well-utilized, and user-friendly tracking vehicle. QRR builds upon QualCentral's foundation as a comprehensive "Do-Not-Call" list of those who have recently participated in qualitative research studies, those who have asked not to be contacted further, and those felt by recruiters and moderators to be best served by not being contacted.

MRIA's Standards require that recruiters should provide accurate data to the Qualitative Research Registry on a consistent basis and check all respondents against the Registry. Similarly, our Association's Standards require that moderators buying recruiting services should give primary consideration to recruiting agencies which submit to the Qualitative Research Registry on a regular and ongoing basis.

Qualitative Research Registry submissions should be sent to:

Qualitative Research Registry
c/o Marketing Research and Intelligence Association
94 Cumberland Street #601
Toronto ON M5E 1A3
416 642 9793
Fax: 416 644 9793