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2014 Chapter Events

Presentation: Speakers Event - Environics Analytics presents Segmentation

The Environics approach to consumer segmentation allows businesses and not-for-profits to classify their customers according to shared demographic, lifestyle, and behavioural traits. The Environics PRIZMC2 segmentation system captures the diversity of Canada’s population using 66 segments based on the most important drivers of consumer behaviour: demographics, lifestyles, and values which are based on a blend of Census and consumer survey data collected at the postal code level. Together, these systems let Marketers implement a variety of critical marketing applications: customer profiling and acquisition, cross-selling, media buying, site selection and strategic planning.

Catherine Pearson presented an overview of the Environics Analytics approach to customer segmentation followed by a case study on the benefits of a data centric approach to marketing.

2013 Chapter Events

Presentation: MRIA Members Online Bulletin Board Research: Exploring Chapter Value – Prairies Chapter

Prairie Chapter summary of findings/highlight report from the Client Side Research Council (CSRC) exploration of how the MRIA could improve the overall value of membership.

2012 Chapter Events

Presentation: Action Research
Action Research, From project design to actionable insights in arts and culture. Presented by Inga Petri, CMRP, President, Strategic Moves

2008 Chapter Events

MRIA President’s Tour Fall 2008:
MRIA – National Do Not Call Legislation (DNCL): Preparation and Impact – What You Need to Know about DNCL and its effect on Market Research in Canada

  • PowerPoint Presentation [English], [Français]

Annual General Meeting
On January 31 the Chapter held its Annual General Meeting. The activities of each portfolio over the year were reviewed, and nominations were held for the 2008 year. This was followed by an overview of the 2008 MRIA Conference, to be held in Winnipeg May 25 – 28, 2008.

2007 Chapter Events

Database Profiling – May 2, 2007
At a luncheon on May 2 Jade Moon of Statistics Canada shared insight on custom data. Using this data Statistics Canada has given its diverse client base a competitive edge when it comes to database profiling and mining.

On-line Panels and the Pursuit of Science: Lessons from the ParksListens Panel
The Prairie Chapter held a luncheon on March 13 where Frank Grigel of Parks Canada reviewed the organization’s experiences with its online plane. Frank examined the strengths, weaknesses, and value of on-line panels and forecast the future of this form of research tool.

Does Sex Really Sell?
On February 16 the Chapter held a luncheon exploring which marketing strategy is more effective; facts or sex. Using research findings David Di Zhang Ph.D, explored consumers' interpretations of sex in marketing and how it influences their reactions.

Annual General Meeting
The Chapter held its Annual General Meeting on January 25 at Sydney's at the Forks. The meeting included a review of 2006, a discussion on the upcoming year, and nominations for new board members. The Prairie Chapter Board is now 12 strong! Following this the 2008 Conference to be held in Winnipeg May 25 - 28, 2008 was eagerly discussed and plans for the exciting event were reviewed.

Following the AGM Maureen Kennedy of Eclectic Communications spoke to the Chapter on how to "Control the Speed of the Merry-Go-Round!" This included a variety of extremely useful strategies on how to effectively manage stress when things get out of control. For more information on Maureen Kennedy and Eclectic Communications, visit

2006 Chapter Events

Getting Into Qualitative Research
On November 24, Kerry Dangerfield, CMRP, Partner in PRA Inc, spoke about to the Prairie Chapter about Qualitative Research. With his vast array of experience in the area, Kerry expertly discussed how to evaluate the appropriateness of qualitative research as a research methodology and how to involve clients in the research process and results.

Myth-Busting, Methodologies, and MRIA
On October 13, MRIA National President Nik Nanos led an engaging discussion on research myths with respect to telephone interviewing, the National Do Not Call Registery, and response rates as well as the impact of methodologies on polling quality, the CMRP Designation, and the role of the MRIA's new Charter of Respondent Rights.

Branding Manitoba - The Manitoba Image Project
On June 21, the Prairie Chapter of the MRIA held a fascinating luncheon on Branding Manitoba - The Manitoba image project. Donne Flanagan, the Executive Director of Special Initiatives for Manitoba Energy, Science and Technology, discussed efforts under way to develop a fresh, new way of communicating our province's unique identity - focusing on Manitoba's unique energy, enterprising spirit and mobilizing force.


What Are Youth Thinking!?On April 20th, Paul Acerbi, VP of Youth Strategy, Insight and Ideas at Synovate, visited Winnipeg for an insightful half-day seminar on the youth market. Paul gave an overview of his specific division, Synovate YC, which provides research and strategy for the youth market. Paul then went on to describe some classic thoughts on youth thinking, and illustrated how many of them don't apply to the current youth market. Finally, Paul successfully translated his wealth of knowledge about this market into specific strategies for successfully researching and selling to this market.


This seminar was followed by an MRIA luncheon on Youth Marketing, which consisted of a panel discussion led by Lloyd Fridfinnson of Probe Research featuring. The panelists for this discussion were Kelly Heape of Teen Touch, Morris Glimcher of The Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, and Susan Kuz of Manitoba Public Insurance.

Beyond "Common Sense" Segmentation
Using a case study of how a recent survey in Banff and Jasper National Parks has changed the way his Agency views visitors and their use of the parks, Dave McVetty, Social Science Manager, Parks Canada, presented to the chapter on March 29 on Making the Link Between Marketing Research and Performance Measurement.

Making Sense of Service Quality, Satisfaction and Loyalty Management
On February 23, Dr. Bruning, Professor of Marketing in the I.H. Asper School of Business, Faculty of Management, at the University of Manitoba, led a half day seminar exploring many facets of customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement that are used by researchers and strategists in order to take action and improve business results.

The Public Sector Value Chain
The seminar on February 23 was followed by an MRIA luncheon featuring Guy Gordon, Assistant Deputy Minister of Service Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba. Guy described how various Canadian public sector organizations are beginning to use the concept of the Public Sector Value Chain to link human resources, operational and customer service strategies together

Are You Online?
On January 18, Michael Rodenburgh, VP of Client Services for Vision Critical, gave an insightful presentation on custom online panels.

2004-2005 Chapter Events

October 20 Luncheon: Social Impacts of Idealized Female Images in Advertising: A Third Person Effect Account, featuring Dr. Fang Wan. Assistant Professor at the I.H. Asper School of Business, Faculty of Management, at the University of Manitoba

September 22 Luncheon: The Mature Market: Is it All Downhill Ror Us?, featuring Dr. Malcolm Smith. Associate Professor at the I.H. Asper School of Business, Faculty of Management, at the University of Manitoba

May 26 Luncheon: Challenges Facing the Marketing Research and Intelligence Industry, featuring MRIA National President Don Mills.

May 4 Luncheon: Perception Analyzer System, by Western Opinion Research.

March 9 Luncheon: From Adversaries to Allies: How Market Research Can Improve the Relationship Between Finance and Marketing, featuring Cal Harrison of Deschenes Regnier

January 12 Luncheon: What's Influencing Canada's Youth?, featuring Paul Acerbi of Synovate YC.

October 13, 2004 Luncheon: Hitting the Mark! The Validation and Verification of Manitoba Public Insurance's Service Standards: A Case Study, by Peter Sawatzky of Manitoba Public Insurance and Tracy Bowman of PRA Inc (Prairie Research Associates). For further information please contact Peter Sawatzky at 985-7594 or

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