Ottawa Chapter Commentaries

Jeopardy Night a Hit with Ottawa Members!

By William Gibson, MRBI 2014

Nearly sixty MRIA members in the Ottawa region converged on the Velvet Room in our city’s Byward Market Wednesday, April 8, where they matched wits in a trivia event designed based on the game show “Jeopardy”. Groups of four to five puzzled through multiple choice questions about sports, relationships, and the results of various fun polls such as “what did women report as the most important quality in a husband”. While many of those in attendance came from Ottawa’s most prominent research firms, the victorious team was composed of students from the Algonquin College Marketing Research and Business Intelligence program.

Those unable to triumph in trivia ability were given second chances at the dance competition and in the miniature basketball event where Abhay Tiwari of Nielsen Consumer Insights emerged as the most dextrous competitor. A networking and a social event with generous amounts food and fun, the Jeopardy Night gave ample evidence to the strong and tight-knit community of researchers that call Ottawa home.




By Lisel Douglas and Arundati Dandapani

The MRIA Ottawa Chapter hosted a luncheon event at the Sheraton Ottawa on Thursday, November 27th. The luncheon was held to see the presentation of AmericasBarometer 2014 by Keith Neuman, Executive Director of the Environics Institute for Survey Research. AmericasBarometer is a multi-country longitudinal public opinion survey on democracy, governance and civic engagement in the Americas conducted every two years by academic institutions and think-tanks in most countries of the Western Hemisphere (representing 99% of the Americas). The results, which had heretofore not been made public, were officially “released” at this event. The study, conducted by the Environics Institute for Survey Research in partnership with the Institute for Governance, measures Canadians’ satisfaction levels with common indicators of the democratic, political and economic system. Canada continues to serve as a “benchmark” for most of the other nations in the Americas owing to Canadians’ high satisfaction levels with their economy, personal safety and governance; Canada surpasses the other countries in the Hemisphere according to many of these indicators. Canada is perceived by most respondents to be a relatively safe place to live and perceptions of local governance are among the most positive among the countries of the Americas (including the United States).

The 2014 study covers 26 countries and includes 43,679 interviews. Since its inception in 2004, 232,000 interviews have been conducted for the all the AmericasBarometer surveys combined.  The Canadian results were based on an online survey conducted with a representative sample of 1541 Canadian adults.

The session was instrumental as a marketing research networking platform for students, recent graduates and professionals in the field, who engaged in some healthy after-event discussion. More conversations about AmericasBarometer can be followed on Twitter: @lapop_barometro, @Environics_Inst and @VanderbiltU.

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