Emerging Leaders BLOG POSTS

June 2018

How AI Can Amplify Your Marketing

May 2018

Elevating CX – Your Dating Experience – With Chatbots

April 2018

How, Why and When to Use Your Brains for What: Neuroinsights in Marketing Research

March 2018

Why Blockchain Matters for Marketing Researchers

February 2018

Why Behavioural Science is Good for Your Business

January 2018

Disrupting and Innovating with Respondent Experience, Technology and Data Collection 

December 2017

Connecting With Shoppers In-Store This Holiday Season

November 2017

Driving the Future of Digital Health Today

October 2017

Staying Competent in the New Economy

September 2017

Saying is one thing, but doing is another. The case of a little robot in the bank

August 2017

Studying Failure Through Sports and Market Research

July 2017

Inspiring Research Stories Through Life Experiences and Myths

June 2017

Living in a Bubble: Millennials and the Overheated Toronto-GTA Housing Market

May 2017

Doing Business in Québec: Insights on Culture

April 2017

Big Data Analytics: Why Top-Down, Why Enterprise-Wide?

March 2017

Relationship-centric Marketing and the Need for Understanding Consumer Psychology

February 2017

The Changing Nature of Work in Canada

January 2017

Getting a Head Start on Generation Z: Characteristics and Challenges

December 2016

Christmas: Do you want Santa or an apple? by Guest Contributor Kathy Cheng, Co-founder of Selffii Intelligence Inc.

November 2016

Net Gain 2016: A Conference of Qualitative and Quantitative disrupters in MR by Arundati Dandapani

September 2016

In Retrospect: The Authenticity Paradox - Is the Public Losing Faith in Experts? by Arundati Dandapani

July 2016

Life and Career Lessons from Five Torontonian Storytellers by Arundati Dandapani

June 2016

Key Competencies of Entry-Level Market Research Analysts: A Mixed-Method Approach by Vedran Tintor, Brendan Beckett, Waiseng (Vincent) Pun, Paul Reich

June 2016

MRIA 2016 Student Case Competition by Dan Jackson

May 2016

In Retrospect: MRIA Ottawa Chapter Casino Night by Arundati Dandapani

March 2016

The MRIA Student Job Fair Was a Resounding Success! by Dan Jackson

January 2016

Insights in Market Research: 5 Tips to Get You Thinking Differently by Amit Louis

May 2015

Municipal Polling: Is It Feasible? - Adrian Macaulay

December 2014

The Publishing Industry's Panaceo In A Digital Age by Arundati Dandapani

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The Emerging Leaders Blog is an initiative of the MRIA’s Emerging Leaders Task Force (ELTF). It is a platform that promotes creative thinking and innovation in market research among students and young professionals alike. We do this in the form of short posts that emphasize collaboration, problem solving, and professional development.  

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