Why are we here?

Our mandate is to represent the views and issues of people who work with market research, both primary and secondary, as well as analysis of customer databases, marketing analysis and related information areas.

Who are we?

Client-Side Researcher Council members are client-side market researchers, data analysts, people in marketing and brand management, advertising and public relations agency planners, consultants and others whose main relationship with marketing research, data and business & competitive intelligence is using it rather than producing it. A nine member board leads the CSRC, with two members sitting on the overall board of the MRIA.

What do we do?

The CSRC ensures the community of research users has input into and benefits from strategies and activities in all areas of MRIA operations, including education, publications, standards, conference, external communications, advocacy and government relations.

Client-Side Researcher Council Principles:

  1. Be inclusive: research users will have the opportunity to actively participate regardless of geography, organization type or size or level of experience.
  2. Be vocal: according to the MRIA policies and bylaws, our purpose is to "consider issues, formulate policy and actions common to research users in Canada, and to provide a research user voice on the Association's Board". We will also be vocal ambassadors outside the association for the MRIA, its values practices and standards. Make no mistake: the MRIA elevates the quality of market research in this country and the CSRC are active participants and supporters
  3. Foster a spirit of continuous improvement with respect to the value research users add to their organizations and/or clients. Every research user can be best in class.
  4. Focus on positive and mutually-rewarding relationships with research agencies: our budgets pay their salaries and their work enables us to do our jobs.
  5. Have some fun. Life's too short to do otherwise.

How to join

» Please view our membership requirements page.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Linda di Luzio - Chair, CSRC at linda.di_luzio@bell.ca