MRIA'S 2019 Membership Campaign is underway!



Reasons to Join MRIA

1. Standards

Being a member of MRIA means that you are a part of the leading professional association representing the Canadian market research industry. It is a sign to others that you hold yourself to the highest level of quality and ethical standards. MRIA has standards for researchers and clients through its Charter of Respondent Rights, our industry's covenant with research project participants. In being a MRIA member, you position yourself as compliant with these rigorous Professional Standards. In 2015, MRIA updated its professional Code of Conduct to align with the fundamental principles of the International Code on Market and Social Research (the “ESOMAR” Code).

Participation from the public is critical for research in Canada, however as trust in legitimate surveys declines, Canadians are looking for ways to ensure they are participating in legitimate projects. MRIA offers this service through its Research Registration System, free to all corporate members. This system is an important self-regulatory tool geared to increasing public confidence in market research in Canada.

"I believe the MRIA provides numerous services that strengthen the industry as a whole, which would otherwise not exist. Initiatives, such as the 'Do Not Call' registry, could not be effectively tackled by smaller independent organizations. I strongly support the MRIA's move to introduce the CMRP designation and to ally with Corporate buyers to improve political clout."
Supply/Agency side, Individual Member with 6-10 years of experience

"Our professional association is critical for the support and advancement of market research. MRIA is professional in all aspects of its operation."
Individual Member, Client/User side, with more than 20 years of experience

"The CMRP program has been an extremely positive development because of industry education and professionalism. I also see the value in the industry advocacy (privacy matters in particular)."
CMRP, Client, 6-10 years of experience

"I feel more connected to the marketing research community and I recognize the great work MRIA does regarding advocacy, education and standards."
CMRP, Client, more than 20 years of experience

"It has been a source of learning. I've been able to raise my profile in the industry through my involvement and probably came to the attention of employers through it. More recently, I've been able to identify exceptional potential employees at various events. It's also an important part of my social circle now."
CMRP, Supply side, More than 20 years of experience

2. Advocacy

MRIA is committed to protecting the interests of the Profession and the Industry by promoting the use of marketing research and intelligence to government. The MRIA's government lobbying efforts have succeeded in having the marketing research industry excluded from the Do Not Call Legislation, something essential for our members. MRIA also lobbies on behalf of the market research industry in Canada to gain exemption and clarification on legislation that impacts the operations of our members, such as the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), the Federal Accountability Act, and on-going Privacy Legislation debates.

3. Compliance

Having a set of rigorous Standards for individual and corporate members means little if they are not upheld in an equally rigorous manner. With the introduction of the updated Code of Conduct in 2015, MRIA also implemented a new complaints process, geared to deal with complaints against members in a timely, efficient and effective manner. With an in-house Compliance officer, MRIA is able to respond to inquiries on a consistent and continuous basis, ensuring that members are following the standards of the Association.

Being a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) or Gold Seal Member of MRIA signifies not only a high level of competence in the market research industry, but also strict adherence to MRIA’s Code of Conduct. These individuals and organizations are required to maintain their level of expertise and at times, undergo evaluation and review.

4. Events

Participation in MRIA’s various speaker event makes it easy to be seen and heard! MRIA hosts a variety of events a throughout the year in order to satisfy the interests of our diverse membership.

5. Education

The Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation is the industry's professional accreditation that provides recognition to those individuals who have both the core body of knowledge required to undertake marketing research and intelligence work and significant experience in the industry.

6. Communications

In MRIA's Research Buyer's Guide, offer listings and ads in included in 16 different sections; this comprehensive online Guide is easily accessed and searched by area of expertise and other categories. There are also several other ways to advertise and promote your firm to MRIA members on our website.