(A) Benefits and Privileges available to all MRIA Corporate Members:

  • MRIA Corporate membership dues include an individual membership for the "Corporate Representative", who shall serve as the Corporation's Designated Representative for MRIA matters
  • The Individual membership provided to the Corporate Representative includes all the benefits of MRIA Individual membership (for more information, click here)
  • For a limited period of time during the MRIA membership renewal period (until February 1 of the calendar year, for the membership renewal period), Individual members working for a Corporate member of MRIA can benefit from a group discount on the Individual membership dues (for more information, click here)
  • Opportunity to purchase listings in MRIA's prized Research Buyer's Guide available online on MRIA website to all members
  • Opportunity for your company name to be automatically displayed in our searchable online Corporate Directory, available on the MRIA website
  • Access to MRIA's "Corporate Seal" which may be used on the firm's Corporate web site, in advertising and other corporate communications
  • Opportunity to clearly communicate to clients, suppliers, and the general public that the firm complies with and supports the Code of Conduct and Good Practice of MRIA, the self-regulatory Association which governs, represents and accredits individual research practitioners and companies in Canada's market, survey and public opinion research industry
  • Participation in MRIA's annual "Financial Activity Survey" and monthly "Revenue Reporting" and are provided with complimentary copies of the reports as per below.  
    • Corporate Research Agencies receive an Executive Summary
    • Gold Seal Research Agencies, receive the full report with more detailed reporting, intended to assist in both strategic forecasting and day to day business decisions
  • Through participation in MRIA Research Registration System, you will help our industry address the underlying motivations that have produced a number of serious regulatory threats over the years 
  • Opportunity to contribute to and benefit from MRIA Qualitative Research Registry, an initiative mandated by the Qualitative Research Council (QRC)
  • Eligibility to participate in the MRIA Research Agency Council (RAC) and/or the MRIA Qualitative Research Council (QRC)
  • Permission to post the artwork indicating Corporate / Gold Seal member, on websites, in print collateral and other communications.

(b) ADDITIONAL Exclusive Benefits and Privileges available to MRIA GOLD SEAL Corporate Research Agencies:

  • Access to MRIA's "Gold Corporate Seal", which may be proudly displayed on the firm's Corporate web site, in advertising, and in other corporate communications
  • Opportunity to participate in and be involved in forums and events specifically designed for Gold Seal Member.Gold Seal Research Agencies receive an even greater discount on their Professional Liability

(C) ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIVE Benefits and Privileges available to MRIA Corporate Client-Side Researchers:

  • Eligibility to participate in the MRIA Client Side Researcher Council
  • Opportunity to participate and be involved in forums and events specifically designed for Client Side Researchers


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