After the Pandemic: Resuming Work, Life and Opportunity

  • 12/03/2020 3:27 PM
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    • How to measure macro-and-micro trends impacting the post-COVID19 consumer
    • A deeper understanding of financial behaviour of consumers in uncertain times
    • Lessons in upskilling and reskilling to thrive in the "new economy"
    • A greater understanding of how to evaluate labour market shifts and address skills-gaps 

    About the event:

    COVID-19 deaths might have gone down drastically since day one of the pandemic, but the rate of new cases is growing a lot faster as we wait behind masks for the second wave to pass. 

    Where does this leave us with work, life and the pursuit of opportunity? 

    The different stages of lockdowns, has impacted society in a way that has been unheard of. The impact isn't only on the way we live, work and socialize; it has disrupted how we behave with payments, savings and our financial outlook. Nisrine Labcir,  Senior Managing Consultant,  Advisors at Mastercard Data & Services, discusses research insights that Mastercard has gathered so far on how consumer behavior towards money has changed since COVID-19 and what the future brings to credit and savings. 
    Meanwhile, the downturn in Alberta's and the Canadian economy over the past five years has driven a lot of technology professionals out of jobs, and competition - not just for the best jobs - but in some cases any job -  has been tight. Preparing for your own and Canada’s economic recovery means it’s time to invest in your knowledge, expertise and leadership skills. Wade Walker, Director of Advancement Data at the University of Calgary and conference organizer and Chair of DMC Canada shares research insights to help businesses and individuals differentiate and win as we reskill, upskill and prepare for the big recovery. 

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