Mastering Dashboards: Top Tricks to Staying Profitable in Market Research

  • 11/19/2020 8:45 PM
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    Watch the full recording below of the latest webinar featuring industry leaders from E-Tabs, Headset and QuestionPro. 

    Remaining questions we couldn't get to during the webinar are answered here: 

    Q. Liz, you said the evolving role of the analyst is to manage and maintain hundreds of dashboards on their computer. How do they do so most effectively when there might be a learning curve?

    Liz Connors, Headset: 

    Well I don't think they manage them on "their computer" - usually these are hosted in the cloud when we are talking about that much scale.  As for a learning curve - I think all tasks have a learning curve involved so I don't think the dashboard learning curve is really particularly challenging or outside of what analysts would have to learn in the course of their careers though there are plenty of courses offered be dashboarding software companies that teach the basics all the way through the highly technical stuff for those that are new in the space.  I think Looker is a great dashboard software and worth any analyst looking into (though it's more an Enterprise solution so quite expensive).  

    As for how to execute effectively I would say start small.  Automating things that need little or no review is the first place to start.  Pick something that is easy both in terms of the data and the visualization and better yet something that the end user is both data savvy and someone that likes to look toward efficiency and process improvement as they will likely be impressed with your ability as an analyst to increase the speed and accuracy of data through automation.

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