National Awards Competitions

Joseph Doyle Award

The Joseph Doyle Award was established in 1987 to honour Joe Doyle, the Founding President of the PMRS and his contribution to marketing research in Canada. The award is presented to the research professional who achieves the highest mark on the CMRE exam.

PMRS created the Joseph Doyle Award in 1987 to recognize his significant contributions to the practice of marketing research in Canada, including service to the industry as the founding President of the Society. In the past, MRIA presented the award annually to the student who achieved the highest mark in the association's Fundamentals of Marketing Research course. Having made changes recently to our educational program, we no longer offer this four-day workshop.

When PMRS launched the Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation in 2003, many of the first recipients earned the credential through a grandparenting process. Today, researchers wishing to pursue the designation must write and pass the MRIA's Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE). Therefore, in moving forward, we felt it most fitting to bestow the Joseph Doyle Award annually to the research professional who achieves the highest mark on the CMRE exam.

Past Recipients

Year Recipient
2017/2018 William Schatten, CMRP
2016/2017 Jennifer Tilk, CMRP
2015/2016 Jeff Hecker, CMRP
2014/2015 Kara Mitchelmore, DBA, FCPA, FCMA, CMRP
2013/2014 Ryan Brown, CMRP
2012/2013 Geana Demone, CMRP
2011/2012 Gyan Harshvardhan, CMRP
2010/2011 Carolyn O'Keefe, CMRP
2008/2009 Christina Waddy, CMRP
2007/2008 Lisa Squire
2006/2007 Susan Mackasey
2005/2006 Holly Wong
2004/2005 Inga Petri, CMRP
2003/2004 Mark McCarvill
2002/2003 Heather New
2001/2002 Prairie Sorensen-Lawrence
2000/2001 Wendy Wong
1999/2000 Mary Wong
1998/1999 Marchall Butler
1997/1998 Jay Slade
1996/1997 Dominic Atkinson
1995/1996 Pat Rouselle
1994/1995 Paul Choma
1993/1994 Sandy Simmons
1992/1993 Paul Millen
1991/1992 Denise Coccimiglio
1990/1991 Cameron Hay
1989/1990 Jim Morakis
Nandita Nankeolyar
1988/1989 Sandra Marshall, CMRP
1987/1988 Brook Tyler, CMRP