National Awards Competitions

Jack F. Graydon Award

The Jack F. Graydon Award was established in 1978 to honour Jack F. Graydon for his major role in Canadian marketing research. Up until 2015, the award was given to the outstanding Bachelor level student of Marketing Research in the Schulich School of Business (previously: Faculty of Administrative Studies) at York University. 

In 2016, The Jack F. Graydon Award competition was rebranded and is NOW open to graduating student members from a market research program with one of MRIA's affiliated schools (Georgian College, Algonquin College, Humber College, University of Georgia MRII program). Students have to submit an essay, 1000-1500 words in length, on a pre-defined research topic. 

The 2016 essay topics are:

  • New Technologies and their Implications: Marketing research is a fast evolving field that can be significantly impacted by new, emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, DIY solutions, neuroscience, virtual reality, and more. While these technologies have the abilitiy to positively impact the way that researcher's do their jobs, they also pose significant challenges in terms of both their potential business impact, as well as the ethical concerns they carry with them. 
    • Which new technology will have the most significant impact on the marketing research industry? How do traditional market research firms adapt to stay abreast with these new technologies? Is the research industry prepared to address the ethical challenges that these new technologies may raise?
  • Privacy and Security: Modern society is becoming increasingly more private and more suspicious of government and industry when individuals are asked questions about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This has resulted in more consumers opting-out of surveys, panels, and interviews.
    • How does the research industry stay on-top of these issues and ease concerns of the public that they are in-fact handling their personal information properly? What impact could evolving Federal and Provincial legislation (ex. CASL, PIPEDA, The Privacy Act) have on the research industry, and how does the industry adapt to those changes?

Eligible submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Thoroughly understands the issue (Explains how it is relevant, the challenges it presents to those who face it, pros and cons, the implications of not addressing this issue, and the impact your recommendations may have).
  • Is innovative, creative, and provides fresh thinking
  • Values scientifically and statistically sound methodologies to gain insight and support decision making.
  • In line with MRIA Code of Conduct.

The winner will receive:

  • a $1,000 monetary award; and
  • a one-year New Practitioner MRIA membership after graduation

To participate: Students wishing to participate in this competition should forward two copies (one with their name and school, one without) of their essay to

Deadline for Submission: May 5, 2016

Past Recipients

2016 - Khyati Parmar

2011 - Iulia Sobtchouk
2010 - Andreea Dolnicianu
2009 - Eric Williams
2008 - Adrian Corsin
2007 - Mark Gaspar
2006 - Adeline Lee
2005 - Ryan Engel
2004 - Jamie Chiarotto
2003 - Ryan Cureatz
2002 - Kelly Becker
2001 - Steven Himelfarb
2000 - Justine Aguemang
1999 - Soha Wl-Halfawi
1998 - Liza Fernandes
1997 - Brian Calalang
1996 - Mark Miller
1995 - Louise Martel
1994 - Glenn Hollis
1993 - Daniele Magliocco
1992 - Mark Sheilds
1991 - Antonio Vacca
1990 - Ivanhoe Mazzoli
1989 - Cynthia Mayer
1988 - Janet Penz
1987 - Kathleen Lougheed
1986 - Catherine Marjerrison
1985 - Anthony D'Agostino
1984 - Daphne Perry
1983 - William Edward Stewart
1982 - Elda Berti
1981 - Sandra Horliok
1980 - Patrick McGouran
1979 - John McLaughlin