Thank You to the Sponsor of the 2018 Excellence in Research Awards




Your Awards submission should demonstrate how your project:

  • Accomplished its set objectives and was completed successfully
  • Contributed to the client's decision-making and to those who initiated the research
  • Was completed within the eligibility period of January 1 through December 31, 2017
  • Emphasizes at least one element that raises the project above the norm

Note: Financial impact and budgets are NOT required for submissions!

The project must have been executed, in whole or in part, in Canada. If this criterion is not met, the submission will be considered invalid.

What to include in your Awards submission:
Each submission is to provide the following information as a basis for judging the project:

  • Brief summary of the project's objectives and methodology (innovative or creative data collection, analytics, reporting method or technique),
  • Scale or scope of project,
  • Topic(s) investigated,
  • Relationship between, and roles of the client and supplier/consultant,
  • Evidence of the success of the project and,
  • Any other details that make this research endeavor "above and beyond" the "norm".
  • Please keep your submission to a maximum of 5 pages in length.

The following criteria are used for judging the submissions:

Background/ Objectives

  • Outline of the background to the issue/ area under investigation (should be clear and concise)
  • Clear statement of the objective(s) of the research program
  • Criteria established for the measure of success
  • Additional consideration - difficulties that might be encountered and how these might be addressed

Research Program/ Process

  • Alternatives considered/ reasons for approach adopted
  • Description of the research process
  • Relationship/ roles of the client and supplier/ consultant
  • Additional consideration - innovative approach

Results/ Conclusions/ Recommendations

  • Results presented in a clear/ concise manner
  • Results linked to the initial objectives
  • Evidence presented of the success of the project
  • How the results helped/ aided in the successful implementation of a strategy; made a meaningful contribution to the client's decision-making process. The results should have made a positive impact on the company though not necessarily increased sales/ the results may have resulted in the cancellation of an initiative

Other Criteria

  • Other benefits, or added features, of the project
  • Evidence that the project incorporated features, results or other elements that raised the project above what might "normally be expected"

To qualify, a submission must receive a minimum of 70 points (out of 100).

How to Nominate