MRIA is Canada's leading provider of marketing research education for professionals. Our newest offerings have been developed for ease of use, rapid study, and practical application in today's competitive business world. The content has been developed by McGill University's Center for Continuing Education, with ongoing input from MRIA's Certification Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of active industry leaders who have ensured that the content is highly practical thanks to their hands-on perspective and approach.

Completion of these core courses is also one of the multiple paths that leads towards earning the coveted Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation!

Course Name Textbook (*) Duration
101-Introduction to Marketing Research Yes 1 formerly: Fundamentals of Marketing Research
102-Market Research Standards Yes 1 formerly: Fundamentals of Marketing Research
201-Marketing Research Design: An Applied Course Yes 1 formerly: Fundamentals of Marketing Research
202-Questionnaire Design Yes 1 formerly: Fundamentals of Marketing Research
203-Marketing Research Statistics & Data Analysis Yes 2  
204-Qualitative Marketing Research Yes 1  
301-Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping, and Benchmarking   1  
302-Market Intelligence   1  
303-Marketing Management for Researchers   2  
401-Online Research, Best Practices and Innovations   1 formerly: Marketing Research on the Internet
402-Advanced Analysis Techniques Yes 2 Available in-class only.
403-Advanced Qualitative Marketing Research   1 formerly: Getting Beneath the Surface in Qualitative Research
12 courses   15 days  

Please note some of the course numbers have changed effective July 2010. The course names have stayed the same. For the table of Core course prerequisites, please click here.