A review of current practices showed that most post-secondary institutions including professional institutes have some form of evaluation after each course. Many employers also request a certificate of successful completion to reimburse their staff members for the courses they attend. Students would like to see if they understood the course material and an evaluation gives them reassurance that they are ready to take more advanced courses. MRIA also would like to see some objective measurement that indicates a required body of knowledge has been acquired by the student.
For the aforementioned reasons, MRIA has implemented an online test after each core course. Each test will typically include 25 to 30 multiple choice questions and will have a set time limit of 45 minutes*. Please note that the tests are not to be completed in-class, as no time will be allocated for this. These tests are to be taken in the comfort of your home or office, and must be completed within one week of attending the in-class course.
These tests are mandatory for anyone working towards their CMRP designation, or for those who wish to receive a certificate of completion. No additional fees will be charged for the test if you paid for and attended the corresponding in-class course. All course registrants are welcome to write the test as a measure of comprehension of material and to acquire a certificate of completion. Upon receiving a passing grade, you will be able to print your certificate online.
Please note that a mark of 70% or higher needs to be achieved on the test.
All the details pertaining to the applicable test will be provided during class.

*Course 102 – Ethical Issues and Privacy in Marketing Research, has a set time limit of 30 minutes.