CORE COURSES: 2016-2017

Members wishing to obtain the CMRP (Certified Marketing Research Professional) designation are required to have knowledge requirements as outlined in the 11 core courses listed below. Candidates in Pathway 2 are required to complete all 12 core courses. Candidates in other pathways may take any of these courses to reinforce their base knowledge.

Course Name Textbook (*) Duration
Maximum Class Size
101-Introduction to Marketing Research Yes 1 20
102-Market Research Standards Yes 1 20
201-Marketing Research Design: An Applied Course Yes 1 20
202-Questionnaire Design Yes 1 20
203-Marketing Research Statistics & Data Analysis Yes 2 20
204-Qualitative Marketing Research Yes 1 20
301-Research Intelligence (previously 301 & 302)   1 20
303-Marketing Management for Researchers   2 20
401-Online Research, Best Practices and Innovations   1 20
402-Advanced Analysis Techniques Yes 2 20
403-Advanced Qualitative Marketing Research   1 20

Please note some of the course numbers have changed effective July 2010. The course names have stayed the same. For the table of Core course prerequisites, please click here.