Metrics madness: is your client's digital Marketing working?

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  • Professional Development course



In this ½ day interactive course you will learn about evaluating digital and social media marketing success.

  • What measurements make sense to use (There’s more to life than likes!)
  • How to know if the results are “good” and how to adjust the campaign if it is not going well
  • Some of the measurement and tracking tools you can use, with hands-on time using them
  • How to effectively identify and communicate the most relevant results to your client or boss


  • You must bring a computer with wifi capabilities.
  • In the days before the class begins you will be asked to download some tools (either free tools or free trial editions) so they’ll be ready to try out. It is best if you can use a real client example, so, if possible, bring whatever information you’ll need to access a client’s data.

If you have a specific problem or question you would like answered during the class, please send it at least a week in advance to

Recommended Prerequisites


Suggested Audience

  Members seeking CMRP designation Client-Side Researcher Research Supplier    
Little or no exposure Less than 2 years experience 2-8 years experience   8+ years experience

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  • Course Length: 1/2 Day
  • Check-in: 11:00 am
  • Classes: 11:30 am - 4 pm
  • Lunch will be provided
  • For terms and conditions, click here


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