Communicating Research Results with High Impact Graphs

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  • Professional Development course


This course commences with a brief introduction to communicating research results through effective research reports and presentations. It then focuses on using graphs to dynamically communicate research findings. While it is easy to produce attractive graphs using Excel or PowerPoint, most graphs fail to communicate and, as a result, fail to convince. Using recent brain research findings, this course examines how we actually perceive graphs, how it impacts our interpretation and how to produce graphs that convince and persuade the audience.

Major topics covered in this course include

  • Key components of effective research reports and presentations
  • How do people perceive graphs
  • What makes a graph easy or difficult to understand
  • Why do some graphs fail to convince the audience
  • How to use graphs to persuade the audience rather than to impress them
  • Why do many beautiful-looking charts fail to communicate
  • Are different types of graphs (e.g., pie and bar charts) interchangeable
  • How to create graphs that communicate your point clearly and persuasively

Recommended Prerequisites

Suggested Audience

  Members seeking CMRP designation Client-Side Researcher Research Supplier    
  Little or no exposure   Less than 2 years experience 2-8 years experience 8+ years experience

Past Participant Comments

"Encouraged me to think more carefully when using graphs in reports and presentations."

"The examples assisted for practical application."

"Great use of examples."

"(Chuck Chakrapani's) experience was evident and applied to the course material."

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Toronto April 12, 2017   Through the MRIA Portal


  • Course Length: 1 Day
  • Check-in: 8:30 am
  • Classes: 9 am - 5 pm
  • Lunch will be provided
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