Fellowship is the highest honour/designation that MRIA can bestow upon one of its members. This pinnacle designation is conferred through a rigorous nomination and election process, requiring a two-thirds majority vote of the Electoral Body comprised of the MRIA Board of Directors and the Past- Presidents of MRIA and its predecessor Associations. The honour and exclusivity of Fellowship includes dues-exempt status in MRIA for life.

The following are MRIA members who have been named Fellow:

Arnold Acton*

Anne Goldman

Donald Monk*

Michael Adams

Frank L. Graves

Nik Nanos

Marillene Allen

Lew Gray*

Keith Neuman

Don Ambrose

Jack Graydon*

Annie Pettit

James G. Barnes

John Hallward

J. Murray Philp*

A.B. Blankenship*

Robert E. Harris*

W.H. Poole*

Chuck Chakrapani

Clara Hatton*

John C. Robertson*

Owen Charlebois

Paul Haynes*

B. Myron Rusk*

J.E. Clucas

Joyce Henry

Robert G. Scott

A. Stan Coldridge*

Margaret Imai-Compton

Patricia Simmie

Chris Commins

Majid Khoury

John Smart*

Yvan Corbeil*

Henry King*

David Smith

Ruth Corbin

Frank Lacy

Nat Stone

Richard Crosby

David S.R. Leighton

Robert Sylvestre

Cam Davis

Charles Leroyer

Ivor Thompson

Robert Day*

Ian Lightstone

Gordon Ralph Thornicroft

Dr. Kenneth R. Deal

Winston H. Mahatoo

Fred Torrington*

Georgina DeWeerdt Benson*

Jo Marney

Barry Watson

Joseph B. Doyle*

Charles Mayer

Raymond Whalen*

Walter Elliott*

Clyde McDonald*

Charlie Wilton

Adrian T. Gamble* Joanne McNeish

Tim Wingrove

Newt Gent

Don Mills

Robert Wong

Ed Gibson John N. Milne*


*Passed away