2018 Fellow Nominations

The 2018 Fellowship nominations are now closed! Thank you to everyone who sent their candidates to us for nomination!


MRIA Fellowship is the highest honour that MRIA can bestow upon a member. The awarding of Fellowship status indicates not only that the nominee exceeds the high standards and expectations of a CMRP-designated member, but that their accomplishments and contributions include the very highest level of practice which stands as a model for others within the profession. Fellows are ambassadors for the Market Research community, helping spread the word about the MRIA, encouraging membership and engagement.

This pinnacle designation is awarded through a rigorous application and review process, culminating in a final approval by the MRIA Board of Directors. The honour of the Fellowship designation includes dues-exempt status in MRIA for life. Fellows are expected to be on-going, active supporters of MRIA.

 The process has been revamped to encapsulate the essence of the award, which is to acknowledge committed ambassadors of the MRIA and leaders in the industry. While not deterring from the stringent approval requirements, the eligibility requirements and administrative procedures have been streamlined to maximize efficiency. Major changes include:

  • The award will be granted to those actively involved in the MRIA.
  • No Fellows will be awarded posthumously.
  • While PMRS, CAMRO or CSRC members are encouraged for nomination, they will only be accepted if they have continued their contributions with the MRIA.
  • Eligible nominees must have been members of the Association for at least five consecutive years.
  • Nominators can NOT be related to the nominee in any manner.

The application process has shifted from the nominator to the administrative staff at MRIA. Once a nomination has been made, we will take it from there!

The new process no longer needs a seconder for nominations.

Moving forward the Fellow program will be an annual process as opposed to bi-annual

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MRIA is excited to welcome its new Fellows in 2018! Please note that the deadline for nominations is Monday, February 26th, 2018.