GOLD SEAL Agencies

Gold Seal Members of the MRIA are a significant but diverse group of small to large Corporate Members.

Gold Seal Members are committed to go above and beyond the MRIA’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice, adhering to an audit every three years, to ensure the highest national standards of:

  1. Proposal Specifications  (ensuring it is clear what you are getting, and how you are getting it)
  2. Responsibilities of Researchers to Clients (maintaining records so research can be validated)
  3. Validation of Survey Work (to ensure that questionnaires are completed accurately)
  4. Security, Privacy and Maintenance of Research Data and Records (to ensure your confidential data remains as such)
  5. Responsibilities to the Public & Interviewing Children and Young People (so that your corporation is not exposed to violations of privacy legislation or industry standards)
  6. Marketing Research Using the Internet (to ensure you are talking to who you think you are)
  7. Qualitative Research (to ensure that all of these relevant standards are held in the Qualitative environment)

By working with Gold Seal Members, you can be assured that your business decisions are based on a foundation of rigorous and ethical data collection.  Analysis can only be as good as the input.  Look for the Gold Seal when selecting your next research agency.