Volume 9, Issue 4 • April 24, 2014

Join MRIA's Procurement Working Group (PWG)

MRIA is seeking to determine whether one of its member firms is interested in joining MRIA's Procurement Working Group (PWG). The mandate of the committee is to serve as MRIA's industry working group and consultation and representation body on issues related to the procurement of marketing, survey and public opinion research and market intelligence services by government, particularly the Government of Canada.

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Calling All CMRPs!

Mentoring is a vital part of advancing our practice and for knowledge management. The recently-launched, revised CMRP Paths now include an important role for mentors and will require applicants to have been mentored by a CMRP for two years. That's where you come in! We need CMRPs to come forth and be mentors to aspiring Market Researchers across the country. The task will take no more than 2-4 hours per month and can be done either on-site or remotely. You will earn valuable MCP points which help maintain your certification. In fact, a mentorship for 2 years fulfills your MCP requirement of 50 points - for more information visit the MRIA Website.


NOTICE is hereby given that a General Meeting of the Members of MARKETING RESEARCH AND INTELLIGENCE ASSOCIATION (the "Corporation") is called for and will be held at 94 Cumberland Street, Toronto, Ontario on Friday the 9th of May, 2014 at the hour of 12:00pm EST.

Visit the MRIA Website for further details.

Toronto Chapter Event Happening Tonight!

2014 President's Tour - plus What Are You Missing Out On For Research in Social Media?

Visit the Toronto Chapter Events page for full details.

MRIA Institute for Professional Development

What's *new* for education and training this Spring? Lots of fresh ideas and new materials. Looks like the CMRP is really in vogue, everyone wants it. MRIA is introducing three new pathways to get you there - including a tailored executive training retreat. Look for pathway updates soon in your inbox, on the MRIA website and in future issues of Pulse and eVue! Need answers fast? Contact gwoo@mria-arim.ca

So, what's coming up in Courses?
  • Semiotics, Introduction: How Symbols, Packaging & Advertising Communicate (see the website for upcoming date!)
  • Create Winning Research Presentations and Reports that Deeply Connect with your Audience (May 13)

Visit the MRIA website for a complete list of In-Class and Online courses.

Special Insurance Offer for MRIA Members

MRIA is pleased to announce that LMS Prolink, our group automobile and home insurance provider (through The Economical Select Insurance Company) have recently reduced their automobile rates in Ontario an additional 13% on average from their already competitive pricing.

To learn more please contact LMS Prolink at 1-800-663-6828 or visit www.lms.ca

Get the Facts about Incentives & GST/HST

Recently, MRIA members have questioned whether tax should be charged to clients on incentives distributed to participants. This article will hopefully put this topic to rest and, more importantly, ensure that MRIA members are prevented from costly mistakes!

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Attention all Gold Seal Agencies

This year's Annual Financial Health Survey, an exclusive benefit for Gold Seal Agencies, has been moved online to ensure confidentiality and security. Look to your inbox for access information in the coming days. Submission deadline is May 12 2014.

Important Changes for CMRP MCP points Calculation and Tracking

Professional associations fully support the importance of continuous learning. It enhances the knowledge base shared by the industry, encourages activity and increases the value of certification. MRIA is no different. We value the importance of an informed and educated membership.

We also recognize education and events taken outside of MRIA offerings, which will no longer will be recorded on our Portal but rather be placed on an honor system. The CMRP holder is responsible for keeping track of non-MRIA professional development activities by maintaining records and keeping receipts. MRIA will randomly audit a CMRP's professional development and points may no longer be carried forward.

Click here to view the MCP Chart. For more information on the MRIA's focus on Continuous Learning, click here.

Go Beyond traditional Quant and Qual - Semiotics

Interested in the newest marketing research techniques but course times just don't suit you? The poll is open now for you to decide when the next session should take place for Semiotics, Introduction: How Symbols, Packaging & Advertising Communicate. Learn how popular culture affects the consumer psyche for insights on how to market your product.

Charles Leech, Ph.D, is an engaging speaker on the leading edge of Semiotics, a real-life "symbologist". To cast your vote, visit https://doodle.com and indicate your preferred dates.

Poll open now for up to two weeks:

  • Click on all the dates that you are available.
  • The most popular date wins!

Questions? Contact gwoo@mria-arim.ca.

2014 President’s Tour – A Time for Dialogue

Spring is in the air and so is a new beginning for MRIA. During this national tour, gain insights from the past year and learn about the new strategic plan for 2014. Positive changes are in store and we want to share them with you! It's your opportunity to meet with our President Anastasia Arabia and greet our new CEO, Kara Mitchelmore.

Tour Dates and Locations
Date Event Location
April 24th !! TONIGHT !! Toronto
April 29th Lunch Vancouver
May 2nd Breakfast  Calgary
May 7th Lunch Winnipeg

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It's Awards Season!

MRIA Excellence in Research Awards

Thank you to all the awards submitters and we look forward to welcoming you (at the podium!) for the Gala Awards Dinner which
takes place on June 10 2014 in Saskatoon SK.

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MRIA 2014 National Conference – Early Bird Pricing Ends April 30th

Global Trends in Market Research

Conference Program details available online.

New disruptive technologies are creating new models of consumer engagement and unimaginably large data. Join the three preeminent industry observers in the world today, Leonard Murphy of GreenBook, Simon Chadwick of Cambiar and Ray Poynter of Vision Critical University as they join us in Saskatoon via a live web stream and engage in a discussion on the state of the industry today and where it is going tomorrow. Led by Greg Rogers of P&G, this is a panel discussion you cannot afford to miss! Read more...

Registration now OPEN! Click here for more info.

Partner Events and News

MRIA Member General Meeting
May 9, 2014 - Toronto, ON
94 Cumberland #601

CSRC Social Connect
May 15, 2014 - Toronto, ON
More information to come!

IIR USA - The North American Consumer Insights Event
September 29 to October 1, 2014 - Toronto, ON

IIR USA - The Market Research Event
October 20-22, 2014 - Boca Raton, FL

TTRA CALL FOR PAPERS: “Research on the Edge” Conference
September 24–26, 2014 - Yellowknife, NWT
Submission deadline June 1 2014
Click here for more info.

CASRO National Conference
September 28–October 2, 2014 - Denver, Colorado.
Click here for more info.

ESOMAR - Congress - What Inspires?
September 7–10 in Nice, FRANCE
Click here for more info.

eVue Magazine - international reach

Our networks and partnerships are expanding and we've just sealed a collaboration with IIR USA, to share networks and cross promote. We also include ESOMAR, CASRO, Quirks, Greenbook, TTRA and MRA in our shared networks - do you have news to share? We can certainly help you get the word out, in Vue, Pulse, LinkedIn and a growing social media network. Contact amgabriel@mria-arim.ca

To read the APRIL eVue 2014 issue, click here.

To read Pulse, please visit our online archives.

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April 24, 2014
Québec Chapter: Soirée Hommage Michel Saulnier

April 24, 2014
Toronto Chapter: 2014 President's Tour - Plus What Are You Missing Out On For Research In Social Media?

April 24, 2014
BC Chapter: New Methods in Qualitative Research

April 25, 2014
Québec Chapter: President's Tour

April 29, 2014
BC Chapter: MRIA 2014 National President's Tour - A Time for Dialogue

May 2, 2014
Alberta Chapter: CALGARY - 2014 President's Tour

May 6, 2014
Prairie Chapter: REGINA - Mobile MR Workshop: "Conducting a Mobile Quant Project Successfully from A to Z"

Visit the Calendar of Events for more.


Coming SOON - details on the launch of our first ever Executive Retreat for seasoned MR professionals looking to gain their CMRP. Look for more details in the coming weeks within Pulse, Vue and on MRIA's website.

April 24-25, 2014
SPSS: Analyzing Survey Data: An Advanced Workshop

April 29, 2014
301-Competitive Intelligence, Mystery Shopping and Benchmarking

May 6, 2014
403-Advanced Qualitative Marketing Research

May 13, 2014
Create Winning Research Presentations and Reports that Deeply Connect with your Audience

Visit the MRIA website for a complete list of In-Class and Online courses.