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Replay of "Are Polls Obsolete?" - MRIA January Seminar 2021

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MRIA Event: Are Polls Obsolete? Boosting Trust, Accuracy and Data Quality in Survey Research Sponsors: Remesh, Quirk's, Date: Thursday, January 14th, 2021. Time: 9 am – 1 pm EST What: A 4-hour seminar with keynote presentations and panel discussions in a Zoom-style environment About: The polling industry repeatedly comes under attack for errors of estimation (e.g., “wrong predictions”) in major global events like elections, but even nationally and in the provinces. A cross-section of Canadian and global pollsters and research leaders will dissect the public’s perceptions of polling in times of accelerated technological, demographic, socioeconomic, psychological and political change in a major pandemic. Questions they will cover in their presentations and discussions: How important is the accuracy of predictions in polls? Have trust, data quality, and polling accuracy declined in recent years and by how much? What is the power and place of predictions in research and analytics? How are pollsters dealing with biases and errors of estimation? What do today’s perceptions of polling mean for disruption, innovation, and reinvention in the marketing research and public opinion research profession?

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