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MRIA Stresses Importance of Surveying Public During COVID-19 Crisis

03/25/2020 11:45 AM | Anonymous

Albert Lam, of Canada's Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA), says that in the wake of the recent public health crisis COVID-19, opinion and market research firms in Canada continue operating as essential services.

“Governments must have timely, accurate, reliable data when officials reach decisions on what to do about events as critical as how to confront the COVID-19 outbreak," said Lam. "Most market research helps companies, the public and non-profit organizations serve their clients, stakeholders and customers. Not every decision in public safety needs to rely on polling, but if governments and health officials need to know how Canadians are dealing with COVID-19, then the insights of survey research carried out by professional opinion research firms are essential."

"Almost since opinion polling began," said Lam, "Governments and health authorities have relied on polls to guide their choices in protecting the public."

Opinion research has long informed successful public safety campaigns including anti-smoking ads, H.I.V.-AIDS messages, programs to stop drunk driving and increase seatbelt use. While the advertising, marketing, public relations, and volunteer efforts helped build these success cases, credit should also be attributed to the research that tested the advertising and guided the strategies. Opinion research helps produce the ideas that make health campaigns succeed.

Lam added, "The government has no other way — accurately — to measure compliance with health directives, assess the population's health needs and give the public a voice for its concerns over COVID-19 than by asking the people. Giving people a voice is the mission of opinion polls. Our business helps keep the public safe, and we are ready to serve."
Lam also noted that many survey research firms represented by the MRIA have adapted to the public health crisis by enabling their employees to work remotely.

The MRIA is a Canadian not-for-profit, member-driven Association representing all aspects of the market and opinion research and business intelligence industry. Its members follow the Canadian Standards and the Charter of Respondent Rights. Also, the Association is the professional certification body for market and social researchers in Canada. Please contact the MRIA for more information at info@mria-arim.ca.

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Marketing Research and Intelligence Association
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