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In Time for Federal Election, MRIA Unveils Research Registry

09/11/2019 9:35 PM | Anonymous

Transparency and gaining public confidence matter—and Canadians need to be able to verify that your poll or project is indeed legit.

The MRIA is opening its Research Registry System to all Canadian pollsters just in time for the federal election. Follow the link here to register your firm and your election polling.

“We are working on behalf of not just our industry, but for consumers as well as potential survey participants, as we ensure that research is not used as a marketing or sales tactic,” said MRIA board chair Albert Lam, CMRP, principal of BrainVision Market Analytics, a marketing research and data intelligence consultancy headquartered in Markham, Ontario.

“We are advocating that high standards be followed by all, so the public can confidently participate, which not only makes surveys and polling easier but more importantly improves the quality of research we all do. Working together as we build transparency and a database of research projects will benefit everyone in our industry, now and in the future.”

For more information on standards, visit here.

About the MRIA

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association has served as the voice of Canada’s market research industry, which includes surveys, social research, competitive intelligence, data mining, and insight and knowledge management, since 2005.

Newly reorganized, the MRIA is a member-driven association that advocates for ethical and transparent conduct by all who do qualitative and quantitative, market, and social research.

For more information, please contact

Albert Lam, Board Chair: 905-604-6620; 1-833-604-6620 albert.lam@brainvision.ca.

Lee Robinson, Executive Director: 647-612-7200 lrobinson@mria-arim.ca.


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