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April 2021- Update Regarding Breach of Privacy and Confidentiality

04/01/2021 2:32 PM | Anonymous

We are communicating with you again today to provide a clarification on our previous statement and to provide additional information.

Starting on March 19th, there was an unauthorized rebranding of the MRIA social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. These pages and groups were rebranded as the “Data Insights School”. To be perfectly clear, this was not a mistake, this was not an accident, this was a deliberate and methodical dismantling of the MRIA across its digital platforms. This was done without communication, without the knowledge of the Board or MRIA and certainly without the authorization of anyone or group at MRIA who would have the authority to do so. Fortunately, we were able to reverse this.

We have retained the services of a professional Forensic Digital investigator to review the extent of the damage and exposure. The investigators have also been provided cellular phone records and related material to both validate existing evidence and to search for additional evidence.

At this time, we have no evidence of a third party being involved.  While our investigation continues, we want to be clear that CRIC has denied any involvement in these actions and we are taking their word for it.

We will continue to keep you updated if we learn anything further regarding this data breach.


 MRIA-ARIM and its Board of Directors

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