CMRP (Certified Marketing Research Professional)

The MRIA offers the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE). Members who successfully pass the exam are awarded the designation of Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP)

This is the premiere Canadian research designation and signifies a high level of knowledge and capability in marketing research theory and practice, as well as adherence to rigorous ethical standards set out in MRIA’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice.

The objective of the CMRP assessment is to ascertain whether candidates possess the core skills, knowledge, and competency required for careers as professional market and insight professionals.

There are three ways to apply obtain the CMRP, all evaluate applicants based on their understanding and application of the topics listed in the MRIA's Core Curriculum Competency Requirements.

Below are the requirements:

Experienced Practitioner

Detailing your experience and understanding within the online application and submitting to the MRIA Certification Committee


Passing the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam


Graduates of an accredited post-secondary institution, and completing Portion B of the Exam

Choose your pathway and complete the contact registration page below to receive the application via email.

If you have any questions please contact the certification department


Experienced Practitioner

(a) University or college graduate
(b) Minimum of eight years' work experience in the industry

(c) Successful completion of the MRIA Ethics Course 
(d) Provides a paper stating their perspectives on the marketing research industry, and the benefits of attaining the CMRP designation (250-500 words)

(e) Provides a detailed account of their experience and competencies, while providing references


(a) University or college graduate
(b) Minimum of 2 years' work experience in the industry
(c) Successful completion of the MRIA Ethics Course

(d) Passing the CMRE Exam


(a) University or college graduate from an accredited partner institution. Check with us! 

(b)Recent grads with co-op and internship experience

(c) Successful completion of the MRIA Ethics Course 

(d) Exam takers will appear for only Part B or the Proposal Writing Section of the Course.

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