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Workshop & 2016 Holiday Party

Every Page is a Story - Storytelling in a data-centric World

The MRIA Toronto Chapter is excited to bring to you two exciting holiday season events, in one day! You can join us for an entire evening of insightful learning followed by a holiday dinner with your colleagues, or you can choose to attend the Workshop or Holiday Party separately. 

Storytelling has a rich heritage in every culture around the world, bringing events to life for others through words, actions, or images.  Today we often think of stories as a form of entertainment, but they have been the means to preserve cultural values and instill moral principles – ultimately, to educate.

Regardless of purpose, stories are about solving a problem, and stories engage us in a journey towards resolution. Good storytelling ignites our curiousity; it draws us in by creating a connection, and is the most effective way we as humans process information and remember key messages.

The stories we tell in business share these principles.  Our stories are an opportunity to educate, inspire, and change perception.  Storytelling through the effective use of narrative can be the single greatest skill a researcher has in guiding an eager audience to what’s truly relevant for their business.

Consider for a moment – how often do you hear something like “what does our data say?”  We’re in a data-centric economy and rely on our data to drive decisions.  When we build strategies or tactics, data guides the first story told and sets the tone for those that follow.  Data storytellers have a unique opportunity (responsibility!) to influence by creating a data-based narrative that resonates and informs.

In this interactive storytelling workshop, you will learn how to transform findings into a captivating story that will engage your audience and drive action through data.  Coming out of the session, you will be able to: 

  • Identify the framework for successful stories
  • Understand your role as a storyteller in business
  • Recognize how the audience influences the shape of a story
  • Craft a short story narrative using a practical and repeatable technique

Speaker Bio

Laura Warren has always had a penchant for turning data into stories.  During her 20+ years in analytic leadership roles with Canada’s largest syndicated research and loyalty firms, she was fortunate to be immersed in broad sweeping ranges of data, which honed her skill in clarifying complex issues through data, graphics, and narrative. Her passion led one client to cheerfully refer to her as "the data whisperer."

That light-hearted comment and natural inclination to teach led to a parallel career path in training and coaching.  Having witnessed first-hand the market-wide explosion of data and changing consumer relationship with brands, Laura recognized the growing tension between accessible data and the ability to draw out the stories that matter.  Founding Storylytics in 2014, Laura provides specialized training, coaching, and consulting in data-based storytelling.  Her mission is to close the storytelling gap between analytics and strategy, and is happiest when her clients start brainstorming "what's next" as the story unfolds.

Date: December 8, 2016


  • Workshop: 4 pm - 6 pm
  • Holiday Party: 6 pm - 10:30 pm


  • Workshop: Research Now office; 250 Yonge Street, 18th Floor
  • Holiday Party: Trattoria Mercatto - Mezzanine Room; 220 Yonge Street, Eaton Centre


  • Workshop ONLY: Members - $40; Non-member - $40; Student - $40
  • Holiday Party ONLYMembers - $90; Non-member - $90; Student - $90
  • Workshop AND Holiday Party: Members - $120; Non-member - $120; Student - $120

Registration: Through the MRIA Portal

Please Note: When registering, you will be asked to specify if you would like to register for the Workshop only, Holiday Party only, or Both Events.