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Verify the legitimacy of a marketing research project /survey.

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Service de vérification des sondages

Vérifier la légitimité d'un projet de recherche /sondage.


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MRIA 2014 National President’s Tour -
A Time for Dialogue

Spring is in the air and so is a new beginning for MRIA. During this national tour, gain insights from the past year and learn about the new strategic plan for 2014. Positive changes are in store and we want to share them with you!

It's your opportunity to meet and greet our new CEO, Kara Mitchelmore. She will share her vision for the future, take your questions and hear your views.

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Pollsters feel vindicated after Monday’s election results (THE GAZETTE, April 9) -- Pollsters don’t watch election results the way most other people do. Instead they hope that the seat distribution, and voter percentage reflect what their mathematical models had projected. Read more...

Les sondages et les élections (LaPresse, 08 avril 2014) -- Les sondages ont bien prédit le vote populaire. D'une part, le vote pour le PLQ a été estimé de façon stable à 40% en moyenne au cours de la dernière semaine de campagne. Lire la suite...

Re: Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages' proposal to revise the Government of Canada Standards for Telephone Surveys 

As you know, MRIA is recognized among our industry peers worldwide for our leading standards on market and survey research, and we welcome all occasions to share our industry insights with our partners in Government. 

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April 17, 2014
Professional Development Course - Toronto
Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Advanced Analytical Techniques

April 17, 2014
Professional Development Course - Edmonton
Metrics Madness: Is Your Client's Digital Marketing Working?

April 22, 2014
Professional Development Course - Toronto
Conjoint Analysis: Design, Analysis and Reporting that Leads to Better Marketing Strategy

April 23, 2014
Professional Development Course - Toronto
SPSS: Analyzing Survey Data: An Introductory Workshop



Be Confident in the Quality of your Marketing Research:
Hire a Gold Seal corporation to ensure you receive the highest quality of research available. MRIA's third party auditing process verifies that their internal business practices are of the highest standard.

Hire a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP). CMRPs have earned the right to use this designation based on substantial past experience and/or by passing the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam.

Vue magazine is the official magazine of the Market Research and Intelligence Association, issued 10 times annually. It contains articles relating to current research methods and practices, book reviews, industry conference reviews, details of upcoming events, and member news. To view a sample of January/February 2014 eVue – click here

Our Editorial Calendar offers excellent opportunities to communicate with MRIA members, business partners, government, students and sister organizations.